Elite Season 4 Updates: With a series of photos, the production of the successful Spanish series, Elite, confirms that filming has come to an end

If you are part of the millions of fans around the globe of the successful Spanish series, Netflix Elitethen we have excellent news for you.

According to what was announced by the social networks of the most famous streaming service in the world, “Uncle Netflix” has already finished filming the fourth season and is now in the post-production stage to be released soon.

Season 4: Release Date

It is worth mentioning that the famous and very successful Spanish series has become probably the most followed and anticipated by fans within the extensive catalog of the platform, thus catapulting the careers of Ester Exposito, Mariana Pedraza, and Arón Piper. Like many other film and tv productions, Elite Season 4 was no exception as it was affected by the global health contingency, as the return of the cast was greatly delayed, even a positive case was what stopped the recordings for some time.

Although this will now be in the past, because it has already been entirely filmed and all that remains is to wait for its release, the fans were more than keen to see the long-awaited new season, since the main cast is not present because they graduated, now everyone seems to be waiting.

Likewise, from the official social networks of both Netflix and Elite, they officially reported the end of the shooting of the fourth installment with a gift for the fans: “It was a difficult year for everybody. That’s why we are proud to have finished filming the 4th season. Here are some happy moments that we want to remember “says the message that the production wrote on social networks.

The Cast of Elite Season 4

Elite Season 4

As we already know, in this new stage there will be many changes as far as the cast is anxious, since we know very well that several actors will no longer be present in the next chapters, amongst them Danna Paola (Lu ), Ester Exposito (Carla), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Alvaro Rico (Polo) and Jorge Lopez (Valerio).

In the same way, we are sure that we can now observe the participation of new actors who for the new season are a promise, and it’s that the cast for this season has now arrived: Andrés Velencoso, Diego Martín, Martina Cariddi , Carla Díaz , Manu Ríos, and Pol Grinch.

We just must wait for the new series full of intense dramas for teenagers to be uploaded on the platform.

Let us remember that a few weeks ago the red light was turned on in the recordings of the series from days before the same footballer shared a photo on his official Instagram account with the actor Arón Piper, who gives life to Ander Muñoz ‘ within the Series.

That was why it started to be said that the recordings of the fourth season of the series were at risk since they mentioned that all the security protocols were carried out to avoid contagion, so if the actor is positive, they will must delete the registrations for a few weeks.

Undoubtedly nobody would have imagined that his meeting with Neymar could bring so many consequences in his personal and experienced life.

Elite is probably the most successful Spanish series and will experience a new edition full of changes, particularly in the cast, as actors such as Ester Expósito, Danna Paola, or Álvaro Rico have abandoned fiction.