When will Elite Season 7 come out, how many episodes will there be, and more? Since the name of this series suggests that it’s quite royal and a choice of elite viewers it is largely a Spanish language drama.

The first show of this Spanish drama was released back in 2018.

Unlike many other series on Netflixthese particular series don’t follow the pattern of annual release of successive seasons even although two Seasons were also released during the same year.

There was only a gap of 6 months between the release of the 2nd season and the 3rd season of the series. So we can maintain that we don’t need to wait much for the release of season 7, since between the release of season 5 and season 6 there was only a gap of 7 months.

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When will Elite Season 7 be released on Netflix?

Elite Season 7
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Then now we don’t have any official release date for the release of Elite 7 season. Based on these speculations we can predict that it’ll be released someplace around the summer of 2023.

But remember that this is just a speculation that the release date could be eventually.

The announcement about the arrival of season 7 was made by choosing a different way:

The streaming service announced the big news a few weeks before the release of season 6, and obviously they did it in iconic and unique Elite style. Not only did they reveal the series’ renewal for season 7, but they also got the whole new cast together to film a cute video to show off the new faces.

And the video was posted on the official Instagram handle of the streaming platform.

What will be the plot of Elite Season 7?

Elite Season 7

At the end of season 6 of this Spanish language drama, we saw a mysterious shooter who came to Las Encinas. And the viewers are keen to know who was holding the gun and who was shot with it. This suspense will be revealed in this season 7.

Based on the events of season 6 we are sure that there are various people who are eagle to take their revenge in the season.

All and all we can say that there will be plenty of drama, suspense, revenge, and mystery involved in season 7 of Elite.

Is Elite Season 7 filming done?

Elite Season 7
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Yes, thanks to the early renewal made by the makers the filming of the series has already started. The entire cast involved has been working on it since last year.

The previous two seasons of the series were released in the year 2022 and we expect that they will follow the same pattern we are so sure that we are going to be getting it someplace around the spring or summer of 2023.

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