Utopia is an American drama series created by Gillian Flynn. It debuted on Amazon Prime Video on September 25, 2020, with 8 episodes. The show has an enigmatic cast, overflowing suspense, and a significant amount of bloodshed and violence.

The story focuses on a community of comic book fans who learn of the existence of a graphic novel that precisely predicted several pandemics before outbreaks.

Utopia Season 1: Ending explained

The audience observed many ups and downs in the series, but the ending was quite confusing for the viewers. Towards the end, the main characters realized that the Harvest was behind them.

Ian’s loved ones were kept at a hospital to catch and hold him. Wilson’s family was wiped out. After learning that Stearns’ wife is an agent for the Harvest, he joined the conspiracy theorists.

Utopia Season 1 -Ending Explained

Arby was initially seen as the most efficient killer, but then he found out what was in fact going on with them. Jessica and Arby grew up in a place called “Home.” Christie explained to them that here the kids were bought from different parts of the world, and they were raised for numerous purposes.

Christie has mentioned on several occasions that these kids are supposed to be lab rats, some are trained to be killers like Arby, and a few are even destined to die for the great of the Harvest like Charlotte.

The truth that Jessica was Arby’s sister was also revealed when he raided Alice’s house and found the manuscript pages of Utopia. That is why he delivered Christie to the theorists and guarded them from the attacks of men and girls like him.

In the closing scene, we saw Agent Milner approach Jessica. She revealed that she is the “Home.” She also told her that she was working with Christie towards an analogous goal but no more. It is also revealed that Christie is not Mr. Rabbit.

Milner said the graphic novel was of no use to her now as it was bait to lure Jessica. Jessica had marks on her back, similar to those on her arm. Jessica’s body was used as a biological weapon to change human behavior. We also saw that Jessica’s father was alive and still working with Mr. Rabbit.