Endride Season 2: Can it be done??

Is there a Endride Season 2? What are the odds of Endride Season 2?

Endride is a show that could be considered underrated if it were to be used as an example. Although it is not a series that left a lasting impression, Endride isn’t a bad one. Endride is a compelling story that many can enjoy, even though it’s slow-paced and has a lot of fillers.

Endride is about Shun Asanaga (15 years old), a junior high school student who suddenly finds himself trapped in a fantasy world after touching a mysterious crystal in the office of his father.

Endride, a Japanese multimedia project, features an anime series under that title as well as a smartphone game called Endride X Fragments. Kazushi Hagiwara, Nobuhiro Watashiki and the original characters are the masterminds of this project.

Endride Season 2 Renewal Status

Endride Season 2: Can it be done??

Brain’s Base produced the anime series Endride. This studio is best known for producing popular anime releases like Durarara! !, the first Oregairu season, and My Little Monster. Lapin Track also produces the show.

Endride premiered its first episode on April 3, 2016. It ran for 24 episodes and ended on September 25, 2016. It didn’t have a great run. However, the show was loved by many fans and some even asked for a sequel. What is Endride Season 2’s renewal status? When will it be available?

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We have not received any information from either the author nor the studio about Endride Season 2. We are not sure if there will be a renewal of the season. It hasn’t been cancelled so it could return. What are the chances?

Is Endride Season 2 possible?

Endride Season 2: Can it be done??

Endride Season 2 is unlikely, it’s true. Many viewers did not like the anime series. The show scored below-average 5.61 in MyAnimeList. It has only attracted 66k users to the same platform.

Endride actually has a videogame franchise that serves as a sequel. Hidari illustrated the game, while Takumi Miyajima wrote the story. The story is slightly different than the anime but some characters will make a return on the game. The game is set three years after the anime timeline.

These circumstances make it easier to believe Endride Season 2 won’t return.

Endride Action

Shun Asanaga, a 15 year-old junior high student, has a bright and optimistic personality. He discovers a mysterious crystal in his father’s office. He is a scientist and a businessman. Shun touches the crystal and the world is distorted. He is then sent to the Endra world. Emilio is a prince from the kingdom of Endra and is approaching his 16th birthday. He despises Delzain, the reigning monarch.

Emilio is now old enough to inherit the throne. He takes up a gun and seeks revenge. Delzain captures Emilio and puts him in prison. In grief Emilio causes the wall to become distorted in his cell. Shun then appears from there with two goals. He wants to return to his world and exact Emilio’s vengeance. The future holds much for these two boys, who were raised in two worlds but are trying to survive in Endra.

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(Source: MyAnimeList)

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