The marketing team behind Enola Holmes 2 has released a new collection of character posters featuring the three members of the Holmes family who will likely appear in the upcoming sequel.

These posters are as ingenious as ever. Along with their respective subjects, each photo also includes a clever and enlightening caption that belongs to the individual who is the subject of the photo.

First up is Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes, who plays the young investigator at the heart of it all. In a blue button-down jacket, the young woman exudes an air of self-assurance and competence as she prepares to investigate the case.

A number of lenses appear around it, and the inscription “Can’t handle the sleuth” appears on the side of the screen. Enola’s older and, at one point, more renowned brother, Sherlock, can be found beneath her (Henry Cavill).

Sherlock, looking as handsome as ever, shows great posture while wearing a well-polished white button-down shirt, vest, and matching tie. The background of his advertisement shows, what else, but a collection of tobacco pipes, while the words “Closer to Holmes” are written as his slogan.

Helena Bonham Carter does an amazing job portraying the quirky and charming family matriarch Eudoria Holmes. Eudoria is the matriarch of the Holmes family. Eudoria wears a striped dress and strikes a position with her hands on her hips, standing with the same equanimity and pride that she does for her kids.

The slogan “Mother of a movement” is written on the side, alluding both to her leading role in the suffrage movement and to her position as the head of the Holmes family. The figure appears as explosive as ever, with explosives swirling around and surrounding it.

Here you can take a look at the new Enola Holmes 2 character poster.

Enola Holmes 2

Following the thrilling events of the film Enola Holmes, which will be released in 2020, the thrilling sequel will begin with the eponymous investigator who now operates her own private investigation firm.

When a little girl goes missing, there’s a good chance that trouble is afoot, and in order for Enola to solve this case, she will need the help of her brother, Sherlock, in addition to some new and old acquaintances.

Susan Wokoma will play the role of a jiu-jitsu expert called Edith, and Adeel Akhtar will play Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, who will be of enormous help in solving Enola’s most recent case.

The second film will also feature Louis Partridge reprising his role as Tewkesbury, Enola’s heartthrob, adding even more tension to the mix.

A large range of well-known actors and actresses, such as Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Dune), David Thewlis (Harry Potter series), Hannah Dodd (Find Me in Paris), Serrana Su-Ling Bliss (Belfast), Abbie Hern (The -Patt), and Gabriel Tierney, will have their names added to the call sheet.

Enola Holmes 2 is all set to be released on Netflix on 4 November 2022.