In the next chapter of the mystery drama film Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, Louis Partridge has hinted that Tewkesbury will endure a captivating new transformation.

Millie Bobby Brown, who rose to fame in the Netflix series Stranger Things, plays the eponymous character in the film, playing the role of the younger and much cooler sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin) .

After learning that their mother has gone missing, Enola embarks on her own journey of detective supremacy where she tries to find her mother, assists the young Lord Tewkesbury she meets on her journey, and, in the process, outwits her brothers

Before the release of Enola Holmes 2, Partridge dropped a hint that the audience will finally see him get into his hands.

He said the following in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “He’s moving up in the world, which means more responsibility is being put on his shoulders. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come from being branded a nincompoop so often, particularly in the first movie. The transformation is great to see.”

Here’s what else Louis Partridge shared about his character Viscount Tewkesbury in Enola Holmes 2.

Enola Holmes 2

When Tewkesbury succeeds to his father’s position in the House of Lords, it seems that he will have plenty of room to shed his less favorable designation once and for all. This is fantastic news for Tewkesbury.

Enola Holmes embarks on a journey to help a little girl to find her sister while she works towards her goals of becoming a solo detective and proving herself worthy of keeping the Holmes name.

Her journey brings her to London, where she finds herself in a desperate situation and must seek help from Tewkesbury.

It is anticipated that the cinematography will focus on the idea of ​​discovering power in harmony, which is something that the Holmes family seems to have difficulty with.

Returning filmmaker Harry Bradbeer said that the primary focus of this film will be on the importance of welcoming allies and “discovering that you are stronger with people than you are alone.” .”

In addition to Partridge and Brown, Henry Cavill is anticipated to play the character of Enola’s brother Sherlock, while Helena Bonham Carter is anticipated to play the role of their mother Eudoria. Both of these performances are scheduled to take place in the upcoming film. Apart from Sharon Duncan-Brewster and David Thewlis, Adeel Akhtar is also anticipated to make an appearance in the original. Netflix production.

Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game will be a new addition to the screen world of Enola Holmes, which is based on the series of books written by Nancy Springer. The novella series inspired the creation of the Enola Holmes screen universe.

The graphic book fills in some of the gaps between the first two Enola Holmes films by taking place in the heart of Netflix’s Enola Holmes world. The book’s summary mocks the traditional Sherlock Holmes drama by setting Enola on a quest to stop yet one more “fake conspiracy”.

An extract from the synopsis reads as follows: “After her brother, Mycroft is kidnapped by an unknown gang of anarchists, Enola investigates his kidnapping in the hope of saving him and recovering something of value he stole from her.”

It seems that over the next six months, fans of Enola Holmes will have plenty of mystery and lunacy to sink their teeth into.