Welcome to Eva Lasting Ending Explanation, a new Colombian TV show available on Netflix this week. In the series, Camillo, a highschool student, meets Eva, a mysterious and amazing new student.

Camillo develops feelings for Eva, and the two begin a passionate and wild relationship. The series is a pretty simple coming-of-age tale set in the seventies in central Colombia.

There are many references to that time, which can make the series a bit narrow in terms of the audience it can attract.

A detailed explanation of the ending of Eva Lasting.

Eternal Eve

Eva is from a prosperous home. Jorge Eduardo Samper, her father, is a prominent businessman from Colombia who is finally detained in Spain for large-scale money laundering.

Eva had severed ties with her father as she was aware of his guilt. For this reason, she hid her identity from Camilo and the other kids.

She continued to keep her father’s name even after admitting that she comes from a rich family because she was trying to cover up his shady behavior, even although she did not agree with it.

After Camilo teams up with Eva to steal school grade reports, they may experience a spark of affection for the first time. Later, he accepts responsibility for the gun that the security guard sees.

Camilo, however, gets into further trouble when he causes trouble for Eva as his father gives him a warning. When his punishment ends, Eva’s father comes to jail, and she starts running away from the DEA officers who want to send her back to the United States to visit her aunt.

Camilo leaves his residence and makes his way to one of Eva’s opulent vacation homes with Eva to stop this from happening. As they steal goods from a store, they turn up the heat and danger, and draw the attention of the law.

Then, one by one, Camilo approaches the homes of his friends to ask for their help to hide Eva. Salcedo’s mother finds out about it and informs the police, who take Salcedo’s daughter.

As the first season of Eva Lasting comes to an end, Camilo learns that she has been deported to the United States and leaves him another book and a picture of herself.

The separation from the love he has been trying so hard to be with for all this time has left Camilo unable to handle the distance. His father tries to convince him with his urgent intentions to travel to America.

He starts talking incoherently about how he’s going to travel to America and find Eva when he gets a phone call. He is surprised when he answers this phone from someone apart from Luisa.

She believes she is expecting, and Camilo is the most certainly candidate to be the father. They had intercourse earlier in Eva Lasting before a terrible divorce occurred because of Camilo’s cowardly behavior.