Fairy Ranmaru Season 2 Updates: The official website for the new Fairy Ranmaru ~Anata no Kokoro O-tasukeshimasu~ (Fairy Ranmaru In a world where negative emotions are unleashed, five fairies from the most powerful clan leaders are sent to Earth to collect “attachment” in order to sustain their world.

The fairies establish Bar F and live their lives as normal highschool boys and barkeeps in order to protect their true identities and fulfill their mission. The boys meet several female customers at Bar F, each hiding dark feelings in their hearts, so the boys offer to help them overcome their troubles.

The only thing they mutually invite is the client’s permission to steal their heart. As the boys investigate the explanation for each customer’s distress, they’re available in a private

who wishes to sow chaos and sin. With their search on the road, the fairies of Bar F must reveal the identity of this individual and stop their plans, while staying true to themselves. Characteristics of Fairy Ranmaru.

Fairy Ranmaru Season 2 Renewal Status

Fairy Ranmaru Season 2

Takara Utashiross

Takara Utashiro (Utashiro Takara) is among the main protagonists of the anime series Fairy Ranmaru: we’ll Help Your Heart. Takara may be a tall man with fair skin. He wears a bartender’s outfit consisting of a white shirt with extended sleeves with rolled up sleeves, a black hat, black pants, black shoes, and a black bow tie. He also has a yellow pendant connected to his left chest. He is a fairy from the Metallus Reign.

Homura Hoterase

Homura has red slicked back hair with a stripe on the front and dark gold eyes. He wears a golden earring in his right ear. it has a turned up collar and rolled cuffs. Under this blazer, he wears a black shirt.

Juke Matsuoka

Juke Matsuoka Matsuoka Jyuka?) is among the main protagonists of the anime series Fairy Ranmaru: We Will Help Your Heart. yuka can be a brief boy with fair skin. He also wears white pants and shoes. He also wears one green earring on his left ear and also has a pair of green wireless headphones around his neck.


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