Here are all the details for the upcoming new movie “Falling for Christmas” which will be broadcast in the month of November 2022. This movie “Falling For Christmas” will be in the genres of Comedy and Romance.

This last film will be one hour and 33 minutes long. The person behind the cinematography is Graham Robbins.

Falling For Christmas Plot Details

Falling For Christmas

The film Falling For Christmas revolves around Sierra Belmont, a newly engaged heiress, who gets into a skiing accident a few days before Christmas. She is diagnosed with amnesia, and after that, she in fact finds a handsome cabin owner Jake, and also his daughter Olivia Perez.

One day as Sierra is having the Christmas of her life when her boyfriend Tad takes her skiing and proposes at the top of the mountain.

He was happy but the happiness was only for a brief period of time because as there’s an entrance behind the mountain she fell into the unknown but someone found her and took her to the hospital.

Here we will also find the information about the release date, cast, trailer, and other details as we knew the essential story of the film.

Here is the information about the most unforeseen story for Christmas.

Falling For Christmas

As soon as she fell off that mountain, she is now in no state to remember anything where that caused her amnesia.

But she is in a position to remember a few things like something that hotels usually have these rooms with a rubbish facility but now she cannot remember the indisputable fact that she is who she is.

Or even as she ended up off the mountain like the bottom of the mountain, Jake this person is the owner of the local lot who takes her there while she recovers.

Issue date

In fact, the film Falling For Christmas will in fact be available from the 10thth of November 2022 on Netflix and we will be watching it from then on.

Cast Members

Falling For Christmas

We will be seeing the following people:

  • Lindsay Lohan plays Sierra Belmont
  • Chord Overstreet playing Jake
  • Jack Wagner plays Beauregard Belmont
  • Chase Ramsey plays Terry Carver
  • Blythe Howard
  • George Young
  • Olivia Monet Perez plays Avy
  • Aliana Lohan
  • Antonio D Charity plays sheriff Borden
  • Natalie Dreyfuss played Holly Green
  • Jessica Harmon
  • Marshall Williams plays Theo
  • Matthew Kevin Anderson plays Nick
  • Bethany Brown plays Blaire
  • Cynde Harmon played Lydia
  • Stephanie Izsak
  • Kate Rachesky plays Heather
  • Sean Dillingham plays Ralph
  • Harrison Coe plays Richard
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri
  • Lonzo Liggins
  • Sita Agavale
  • Maria DeAngelis
  • HAMMONS car