Netflix has started announcing its vacation schedule, and vacation movie fans are in for a treat. Maybe one of their new Christmas movies features the comeback of a legendary heroine, skiing-induced amnesia, and exactly timed mistletoe.

Falling for Christmas follows in the footsteps of popular films such as The Princess Switch trilogy, The Christmas Prince trilogy, and one-offs such as Operation Christmas Drop and Love Hard.

Netflix announced the film on Twitter initially, with Variety officially confirming the news on the very same day in 2021. Janeen Damian directed and wrote the film together with Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett, and Ron Oliver.

The film’s executive producers included the director, Steve Berman, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips, Jimmy Townsend, and David M. Wulf, in addition to Michael Damian and Brad Krevoy.

Grab your winter coat as we proceed to head down the mountain to deliver all the Falling for Christmas information we have.

The Plot of Falling for Christmas.

Falling For Christmas
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Sierra Belmont who is played by Lindsay Lohan has the life that many people want. She is the daughter of a hotel tycoon and never had to go without anything she asked for.

According to the trailer’s narration, she wants individuals to recognize her by more than simply her name. Perhaps the person was inspired by a lady known by the name of a French city that has a sizeable following in social media.

Sierra is having the best Christmas ever. Tad played by George Young, her lover takes her skiing and proposes to her at the top of the mountain. Isn’t it charming? Their joy is short-lived, however, as she slips back down the mountain, and descends into the unknown. Fortunately, a passenger in a sleigh discovers her and transports her to the hospital.

She seems to haven’t any identification and suffers amnesia as a result of the fall. While she seems to remember some broad facts about life, such as the proven fact that hotels generally provide room service, she has no idea who she is or how she got herself to the bottom of the mountain. Jake played by Chord Overstreet, the owner of a small inn, takes her in while she heals.

She volunteers at the lodge and even learns how to make a bed as she waits for her memory to return or for her loved ones to locate her, whichever comes first. Her family, however, doesn’t find her instantly.

In the trailer, her father asks that somebody find his daughter, but it seems that it’s going to take some time until she is reunited with Tad. During that time, it seems that Sierra and Jake have a connection, and Sierra is forced to make a choice from staying in the small town and returning to the opulent life she knows.

The Caste

Falling For Christmas

• Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont
• Chord Overstreet plays Jake
• George Young plays Tad
• Jack Wagner plays Beauregard Belmont
• Olivia Perez plays Avy
• Alejandra Flores plays Alejandra Carlisle
• Chase Ramsey plays Terry Carver
• Sean J. Dillingham plays Ralph
• Antonio D. Charity plays Sheriff Borden
• Blythe Howard plays Dr. Layla Monroe
• Kate Rachesky plays Heather.

Fall Release Date for Christmas

Falling For Christmas

The film will be accessible for streaming from November 10, 2022, only on the Netflix OTT platform.
What Else We Know About Fall for Christmas

Everything Else We Know About

Lindsay Lohan’s dramatic comeback to acting is marked by Falling for Christmas, her first production with Netflix as part of a two-film deal.

Netflix revealed that the Christmas movie was the first production when they announced it in March. The romantic drama Irish Wish, which tells the story of a marriage in Ireland, is the second production. In September, producer Michael Damian announced on Twitter that it’s currently in development.

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