One of these production businesses, Netflix, is taking advantage of the expansion of subscription-based platforms in addition to the rush many of us experience during the winter to watch the vacations.

The Christmas Chronicles and Klaus, amongst others, have recently become undisputed Netflix blockbusters with viewers and reviewers alike. In light of this, many people often wonder which movie will serve as Netflix’s vacation offering annually.

In May 2021, we learned a few brand new picture that would hit theaters around Christmas in 2022. Falling For Christmas was that title; is a classic vacation story that is certain to make viewers grin during the vacation season.

Falling for Christmas Cast Members

It fell for Christmas
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The Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan will star in the Netflix rom-com “Falling for Christmas”, which celebrates the vacation season.

The film, starring Lohan and “Glee” alum Chord Overstreet, is a few privileged heiress (Lohan) who has just been engaged to end herself under the care of a blue lodge owner (Overstreet) and his daughter after being diagnosed with amnesia as a result of a skiing accident.

The film also features Jack Wagner, George Young, Blythe Howard, Chase Ramsey, and Olivia Perez in addition to Lohan and Overstreet.

Janeen Damian is the director of “Falling for Christmas,” which is her feature film debut. Along with her husband Michael Damian (“Hot Tamale,” “Moondance Alexander”), Jeff Bonnett (“Love by the Book”), and Ron Oliver (“Operation Christmas,” “Harvest Moon”), the screenwriter and producer of ‘ “Christmas Waltz” and “Much Ado About Christmas” also wrote the script.

The film’s producers are Riviera Films’ Michael Damian and MPCA’s Brad Krevoy. Operation Christmas Drop, “A Castle for Christmas,” the “A Christmas Prince” series and other Netflix vacation movies are all the work of the MPCA.

She finds herself in the “care of a beautiful, blue lodge owner (Chord Overstreet) and his brilliant daughter in the days leading up to Christmas” when she wakes up not knowing who she is. Viewers can only speculate as Lohan sings “Jingle Bell Rock” in the teaser as to whether she will regain her memory, stay in Christmas town with the hot locals, or return to the lifestyle her opulent with a rich lover we can practically guarantee he’s. quite snooty.

Lohan spoke to Vogue about her part in the film in February 2022. She said, “I believe romantic comedies are something we need right now. That’s precisely what it’s: a heartwarming, unbelievably entertaining romantic comedy.

And it is in fact quite funny. I did not understand how much fun we were going to have physically until I read the script and we started filming. Physical comedy is a big part of it, which I actually enjoyed performing as it is one of my favourite things to do and something I have not done in a long time.”

She said that since she wanted to work on “something fun, enjoyable, and family oriented,” she felt that choosing this project was “ideal” for her comeback in the film industry.

Falling For Christmas benefited from a delayed information flow allowing for a more continuous stretch of promotion because there was a long time between announcement and debut.

But as Christmas approaches, interest in the film is starting to grow slowly but definitely, and more and more viewers are anxious to find out more. Here is a detailed summary of all the information we currently know about Falling For Christmas, taking it all into account.

Falling for Christmas will be released on Netflix on November 10, 2022.