Netflix is ​​back with an interesting story movie, “Falling for Christmas.” The movie is full of romance, comedy, and yes, twists too. If you want to know the expected release date, cast, and story for “Falling for Christmas,” then continue reading this article.

It was confirmed by Netflix that the release date for Falling for Christmas is November 10, 2022. The film will be available on Netflix. It is anticipated that the movie will be successful, as the fans have shown quite a lot of love towards the trailer and have given quite a lot of good comments on the trailer.

What is the expected fall story for Christmas?

It fell for Christmas
Harper’s Bazaar

Therefore, the film Falling for Christmas will focus on a spoiled heiress named Sierra Belmont. She will go skiing with her lover, where she will face an accident, which will lead to a loss of memory, and then she will end up in the care of a lodge owner and his daughter.

Then the film will revolve around everybody who tries to bring back her memory, It will be interesting to see if they’re successful in bringing back her memory.


Therefore, the trailer was released by Netflix on October 7, 2022, The trailer gave an idea of ​​the movie and by watching the trailer, we managed to find out the expected story of the movie.

The film will focus on a spoiled heiress named Sierra Belmont who suffered an amnesiac accident while skiing with her lover, and then the film will focus on her lover trying to bring back the -her memory.

The trailer comes with quite a lot of hope for the filmmakers, as the trailer got quite a lot of love from the audience, and the comment section is full of affection for the upcoming movie on youtube.

Audience review.

It fell for Christmas

After the trailer was released, it was clear that the audience is very enthusiastic about the movie as they showed quite a lot of love for the movie the comment section was full of affection from the audience and it is anticipated that the movie will be a big hit.

The Cast Members

Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont

Chord Overstreet as Jake

Aliana Lohan as Stylist

Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont

Chase Ramsey as Terry Carver

Blythe Howard as Dr. Layla Monroe