The Israeli superhit series Fauda is among the few that returned for Season 4. Netflix started streaming the fourth season of Fauda on January 20, 2023.

The producers of the action thriller are back with a new episode after the tremendous success of season 3. The Israeli TV show Fauda premiered on Netflix in 2015 and instantly became an enormous critical and financial hit.

The story of Fauda Season 4 revolves around a retired Mossad agent who reluctantly returns to his undercover duty after learning that a dangerous terrorist who was presumed dead is still carrying out his evil plan.

Lior Raz, one of the co-creators, plays the title character in season 4 of Fauda. All 12 episodes of Season 4 were now available for streaming starting January 20, 2023.

The makers of the military-themed series initially debuted a brief trailer. Netizens anticipated that the story involved Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian militants fighting Israeli soldiers, despite the undeniable fact that it didn’t provide any significant specifics.

Season 4 of the show has already aired, so there might be something you missed while watching. This is the reason we are here.

Fauda Season 4: 5 Things I Missed

Fauda Season 4

Omar, a native of Jenin, is the son of a top CI for Ayub who helped the Shin Bet execute several Islamic Jihad leaders in the 2002 Jenin conflict.

Ayub was forced to remove his family from Jenin and relocate them to Ramla after his father was shown to be a traitor and informer. Omar moved to Lebanon in his 20s despite Ayub’s years of economic support for the family; he had never felt at home in Israel.

On the other hand, his sister Maya (Ayoub) integrated herself into the Israeli culture and rose to the rank of a recognized police officer.

Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff collaborated to develop the show, which received widespread recognition. Liat Benasuly Amit and Yes TV produced it. Yes Studios, which recently won two awards at Serie Mania with “Bloody Murray” and “Fire Dance,” handles international distribution.

In an effort to expose Adel, Doron and the group were disguised as Hamas members.

Adel fell for the bait but was shocked when he found out that Hamas hijacked his cousin’s funeral, and told him to attend and ensure that everybody understands that Omar died for the Palestinian people and not for the organization. As expected, Adel got out and walked towards the burial procession.

The crew came under fire as they followed the suspicious vehicles, and a battle ensued, leading to the group being trapped inside a gated property. One of their trucks blew up with an improvised explosive device, making matters worse.

The crew was exposed, and backup was far away, so they were left to fend for themselves. When backup finally appeared, Doron and his friends entered the camp to help their fellow soldiers as the death toll continued to mount. Dana advised them to hold tight as a chopper was coming to rescue them.

Doron and Adel had a final confrontation, which ended with the special forces officer shooting and killing the terrorist. With Doron suffering serious injuries during his fight with Adel, season four ended on a miserable note.

He ended up on the ground waiting for the rescue helicopter with his other brothers. They were all left near death, wondering how the ambush could have happened and if someone had stopped them.

Fans will be hoping for a renewal because of the cliffhanger in season five, which has yet to be approved.

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Fans Shower Praise on Fauda Season 4

Fauda Season 4

Those who watched the first episodes posted their opinions and criticisms on social media. The first reviews said that the show is full of thrilling action scenes and a gripping plot to support it all.

The series delivers tense action and maintains suspense throughout the season. Check out how the audience is responding to the newly released episodes of Fauda, ​​which is now available to stream on Netflix.