The highly anticipated Season 4 of Fauda was released in Israel in July 2022 and has finally made its way to Netflix more than six months later, in January 2023. The Israeli military action thriller series ‘Fauda’ does not have an enormous fanbase like some of the other international fare available on Netflix, but it does have a fanbase that she is quite dedicated to the show.

The protagonist of the much-loved Israeli television series is a former soldier who is forced to return to work to protect his country after learning that a infamous terrorist who was believed to be dead is still alive.

After the tragic conclusion of season 3, we discover that Doron Kavillio (Lior Raz) is broken and isolated. But then, a new threat emerges from Hezbollah in Lebanon, and he’s drawn back into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict yet again. Here is all the information you need to know about the ending of “Fauda” Season 4.

Fauda Season 4 Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know Is Here

Fauda Season 4

Sagi and Nurit come to a conclusion with regard to their relationship and their future in the season 4 finale. Additionally, Doron makes a pact with Dali that he will return before joining the squad as they travel to Jenin to deal with the most significant threat to Israel. security in last few years.

Sagi, Steve, and Eli: Are They Dead?

Fauda Season 4
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Eli, Sagi, and Steve are all shot by a sniper during the climactic battle, which takes place in Jenin. Also, Doron kills Adel despite suffering injuries together with Russo and him. As the season comes to an end, we see Doron on the ground, holding his friends’ hands.

It’s unlikely that Eli, Sagi, and Steve will all be dead in the upcoming fifth season, but it is most likely reasonable to assume that at least one of them is.

Several times, “Fauda” has shown that Doron is the only character in the program with plot armor. Eli is possibly the most dangerous of the three. The conclusion of ‘Fauda’ was a really painful experience for a number of characters.

Eli’s loss will be felt the most as he was planning to leave the forces soon. Furthermore, it will highlight how difficult it’s for these troops to escape with their lives.

What happens to Nurit’s baby?

Fauda Season 4

Nurit initially keeps Sagi in the dark about her pregnancy after she finds out about it. He learns the news when the nurse taking care of his wife makes a mistake and divulges it. Although he’s shocked, he feels real pain at Nurit’s remarks about not wanting to keep the child.

He does not learn until much later that Nurit is reluctant to introduce the boy into their chaotic world. Both are members of the squad, in contrast to other couples in the group. Their child has a real chance of being an orphan.

It seems that in the end Nurit made the decision to keep the child. She becomes anxious after suffering what turns out to be harsh pain in her stomach.

When the doctor tells Nurit that she is carrying a girl and that the baby’s heartbeat is robust, she can not help but be emotional. Hope can get us through any circumstance, no matter how dire. Even if there’s a risk that Sagi will pass, Nurit will find the resilience to continue despite her loss.

Will Maya Change Her Mind?

Fauda Season 4

Maya fully loses faith in Israel at the end of the season. Even in the middle of her brother’s funeral procession, she warns Adel and his followers about Israeli special forces soldiers disguised as Hamas operatives. She lost her brother and her marriage and was not even given the respect to bury her brother in peace.

The kind of resentment that must be smoldering inside her is difficult to let go. It is what makes people resentful and angry about organizations that have treated them badly. It is likely that she will return in the upcoming season 5 and take a negative role. If not, she is likely to take part in her community and recognize that there won’t ever be compromise in this conflict.

Fauda Season 4 Review

Fauda Season 4

Fauda Season 4 continues to impress with its balanced presentation of touchy subjects, such as the rivalry between Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces. In this thrilling, action-packed series that explains the motivations behind every action and reaction that takes place on your screens, good and bad are left to be judged by the heavens.

The best aspect of Fauda Season 4 is how it maintains its essential values ​​while finding new ways to attract viewers.