The popular Netflix original series Stranger Things is undoubtedly probably the most popular series all over the world from the last few years. The popular series is probably the most viewed Netflix series, started in 2016 and is currently in its fourth season.

Most of the stars in the series have worked together for a really long time and shared an incredible bond with one another irrespective of who is in any controversy, taking a stand for one another every time.

Now, recently one of the actors in the show Noah Schnapp who plays the role of Will Byers revealed that he’s gay, the young actor of 20 years shared a video on his TikTok where he finished the video about as he was hiding. in the closet since the last 18 years, and he has now finally told his parents that he’s gay, he also mentioned that he’s more similar to his reel life character than he thought.

Here’s What More Finn Wolfhard Said About Noah Schnapp.

Finn Wolfhard

Now, one of his co-stars, Finn Wolfhard said he is actually happy with him Noah for being confident about who he’s.

Finn sat down in an interview with the latter GQ where he talked about his projects, films, and the future of Stranger Things, he also talked about his immediate feeling when he found out about his castmate and said that he was happy and happy with him.

Interestingly, Schnapp’s Stranger Things character was also revealed to be gay and developed romantic feelings for Wolfhard’s reel character, Mike Wheeler.

Further in the interview, Finn said that he’s not all the time in contact with Noah and his other cast mates but all of them have one another’s back and are like family.

Meanwhile, the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will be released this May and will definitely leave fans with mixed feelings.