Stranger Things Season 5 has not yet been released, on the other hand, cast member Finn Wolfhard are teasing Season 6 of the series.

There is no doubt that fans are already anticipating Stranger Things Season 5. Stranger Things Season 5, the final season, will include eight episodes and will begin production in May 2023.

And the audience just cannot wait. As this will be the last season, fans are excited in addition to disappointed that this will be the last time they see their favourite characters.

However, Finn Wolfhard released some surprising news! Read on to know more.

Here’s what Finn Wolfhard has to say about Stranger Things Season 6.

Stranger Things Season 6
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Another season after season 5 would be crazy, according to Finn Wolfhard, and absolutely unnecessary. Finn Wolfhard has been in every single season of Stranger Things as Mike Wheeler’s character, so he understands precisely what’s coming up in Season 5.

With this in mind, the actor told Uproxx that, while he likes working on the show, he does not really believe that it should be renewed after the sixth season. He also felt that it would be unnecessary.

Finn stated that he wasn’t ready, but he was very happy to start after the 4th season ended. “I was like, ‘Damn, we should return and shoot instantly.’

I just want to help complete it, but not in the sense that I want to be mentioned,” explained Wolfhard. “Looks like I’m interested by what happens.” I’m sad about this,” but, nonetheless, he understands that this is the next part of their life and alter has to occur.

You can look at the interview here.

Finn Wolfhard, announced on the Tonight Show this week to tease his prophetic thoughts to host Jimmy Fallon.

While discussing the show, Wolfhard said it would be an incredible idea to launch a spin-off! The Duffers looked at one another, then at me, and said, “Can we talk to you for a while?” Wolfhard continued.

“And then they took me, and they were like, “That’s the concept. “Who informed you?” I said, “No one,” and they replied, “What do you mean?” Did you just consider it? I replied, “Well, no, I just thought it would be a wonderful way for the franchise to grow.” It was quite funny, and they said, ‘Okay, but… do not tell anyone.'”

However, in an e-mail to Varietythe Duffer brothers acknowledged that Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, was the only one who was aware of the spinoff’s top-secret premise.

“We are working on a concept for a spin-off that we are very excited about, however, we have not informed anyone about it,” they explained.

The Duffer brothers stated that everybody, including Netflix, will be startled when they hear the recital because it’s so unique. But Finn Wolfhard, who is a really wise boy, precisely predicted what it would be about. Except for Finn, nobody else knows!