Ganglands Season 2 is all set to be released on Netflix next week, and here are the latest series updates you need to know.

Not only English but content of each popular language is coming out on Netflix to serve a wide range of content to all its viewers. Be it Korean, Spanish, French or African no language is left behind when showing its movies and series on the biggest streaming platform that’s Netflix.

One of those non-English content that’s very popular on Netflix will soon come out with its second season which was announced back in November 2021.

The series we are talking about is Ganglands Season 2 which is also known by its original name “Braqueurs: La série”. This series is essentially a French crime drama. The first season of this crime drama opened on Netflix back in 2021 on the date of September 24.

And soon after the release, it was announced its renewal for the 2nd season, and since then all the viewers of the first season are eagerly waiting for the second one!! So without further ado let’s proceed to find out more details about Gangland Season 2:

When will Ganglands Season 2 be released on Netflix?

Ganglands Season 2
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I’m pretty sure that if you watched the first season of the series you must have an idea how popular it was and it can be proven by the following statistics that it earned 54.5 million hours of watch time between September 20th and 10th ‘ October 2021.

Now finally the wait will be worth it as Ganglands Season 2 of the series will be released on Netflix on 17 February 2023.

The first season of the series contained 6 episodes which is quite less compared to other Netflix series but the quality of the content is not less at any point!!!

So if we speak about the number of episodes we will be having in this season we can have an informed guess that it must even be having 6 to 8 episodes.

What will be the storyline of Ganglands Season 2?

Ganglands Season 2

As clearly mentioned above it’s a French crime drama. The first season of the series left us with many unanswered questions that must be answered in its second season.

One of those questions is “what happens to Medhi while he’s on the loose with the teenage thieves?”

The last few scenes of ‘Ganglands’ take us five months after a turf war took place. A member from Morocco is seen visiting Saber who is the leader of the new gang, who has taken over the business with his cousin named Sofia.

The plan of both of them is to expand their business throughout Europe. And in order to attain this goal they’ve to prepare for a bigger war with other drug dealers out there.

Who all will be there as cast members in Ganglands Season 2?

Ganglands Season 2
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Many of the faces we saw in the first season of the series will be returning in the second one too!!

Sami Bouajila he will reprise his role as Mehdi
Samuel Jouy he will play Tony again
Nabiha Akkari in the role of Sofia
Carlos Schram in the role of Carlos
Geert Van Rampelberg will be playing Chris,

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