In order to reduce costs, the Google Pixel 5 gives up some of the more sophisticated capabilities of its predecessor. The end result is a phone that’s more streamlined with excellent camera software and an easy Android interface.

However, the Pixel 5 finds it difficult to stand out from the competition. Without some of those high-end features, such as a telephoto lens, that are included in other phones at the same price.

Google Pixel 5: Price

On October 15, 2020, the Google Pixel 5 became available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

A 128GB storage option is included with the $699 Pixel 5. The Pixel 5 does not allow microSD cards, which is interesting because it gives you extra space to work with. Google is also not selling a variant with a larger storage capacity. Just Black and Sorta Sage are the shades available.


Google Pixel 5

The industry turned to glass to facilitate improved signal transmission. We make the Google Pixel 5 the first phone with metal back in a while.

The all-in-one body is made of metal that shines on the sides, which isn’t common these days. We will anticipate that this design will be much more resistant to damage from everyday wear and tear in addition to more harsh drops.

While the company’s more cost-effective gadgets use matte polycarbonate, the Pixel 5’s unibody casing is created from recycled metal. Contradictory comments seem to have been expressed by several reviewers with regard to the Pixel 5’s finish.

Some people think that Google’s use of a matte, virtually candied finish on this phone makes it feel and look cheap. On the other hand, I personally adore the finish of the Pixel 5 and am into uncommon materials, particularly those with a soft-touch or barely grippy texture.


Google Pixel 5

The Pixel 5 has a 16MP, f/2.2 ultrawide lens together with a 12.2MP primary sensor with f/1.7 aperture. The 12.2MP camera supports optical and electronic image stabilization, dual phase detection autofocus, and other features.

The Pixel 5’s ultra-wide lens prevents it from having a good zoom feature. But even while the 107-degree field of view is not as wide as some of the 120-degree ultra-wide lenses on other phones. We still prefer to have the opportunity to bring more people or a scene into the frame.

The Pixel 5 shines in low light. A big improvement is the new automated Night Sight feature. Which makes taking a usable picture as easy as pulling out your phone and pressing the shutter.

In addition, photos taken in low light make it easy to see Google’s color enhancement. Even if the differences between the Pixel 5 and its predecessor are less visible in bright light.


Google Pixel 5

One of several areas where Google has made concessions for the Pixel 5 is its specifications, most likely in an effort to save costs. The Pixel 5 easily handles tasks such as online surfing, gaming, and media playback as a result of the CPU and 8GB of RAM it has. There is a good performance.

Image processing speed is considerably faster than on the Pixel 4a, and apps launch instantly. Google Assistant also responds without delay. The 765G chipset in other phones allows for comparable gaming performance.

Battery life

The Pixel 5’s 4,080 mAh battery pack should help ease your worries about how poorly previous Pixel phones have performed in terms of battery life. Comparing this to the Pixel 4, there’s a boost of around 1,300 mAh.