Given that the first Pixel Watch is still fairly recent, the Google Pixel Watch 2 is unlikely to arrive until late 2023, primarily because we’ve not heard any rumors about it yet.

We do not know when the Google Pixel Watch 2 will be released. Still, considering that the smartwatch business normally moves in annual cycles, there’s a reasonable likelihood that it’ll be released a few year after the original Pixel Watch.

This would indicate a release in or around October 2023; however, considering that there has only been one model so far, we cannot ensure that Google will stick to annual upgrades.

Still, assuming it arrives in 2023, the most apparent date would be with the Google Pixel 8, which is anticipated to arrive in October 2023.

In terms of pricing, it may be similar to the existing Pixel Watch, which starts at $350, but that’s just a guess.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Rumors and leaks

Google Pixel Watch 2

There is currently no news or rumors about Pixel Watch 2.

However, there are a few aspects that we can foresee. For starters, it undoubtedly runs Wear OS; not only does the existing Pixel Watch use the same platform, but Google created it, so it would be absurd to run anything.

It will most likely retain most of the functions of the current model, including ECG, in addition to all the standard smartwatch functionality.

Improvements We’d like to see in the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Google Pixel Watch 2

As impressive as the Pixel Watch is, there are several things Google could do to improve the Pixel Watch 2, including the following:

1. Wearing the Google Pixel Watch made me wonder if I bought the smaller model by mistake. But, unfortunately, Google has just made one size, which is a big mess.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are available in two sizes to accommodate numerous wrist sizes and private preferences. As a result, we would like the Google Pixel Watch 2 to be available in numerous sizes.

2. The Pixel Watch screen is surrounded by a large black bezel, giving a really tiny display area. Because of the bezel and the narrow screen, it never shows much information.

Since you can only see one notification card or three menu items at a time, you tend to scroll more than on the Apple Watch. Google Pixel Watch 2 also needs an update in this area…

3. The Pixel Watch doesn’t switch to sleep mode automatically; you must do it manually. It doesn’t automatically stop and resume workouts, doesn’t contain a smart alarm, and doesn’t detect abnormal heart rates.

There is an automatic workout recognition mode. However, it’s randomly designed. The Pixel Watch does not do anything that a much cheaper Fitbit cannot, and it is nowhere near the level of health and fitness capability of the Galaxy Watch 5 & Apple Watch.

It will be far better if the google pixel watch includes all these features with 100% efficiency.

If Google Pixel Watch 2 fixes all these issues, it is going to be a killer wearable and maybe probably the most advanced smartwatches on the market. As a result, we hope everything will be optimized in time for the Pixel Watch 2.