In a line of action cameras that started in 2005, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is the newest top of the line model. Support for 10-bit video is the Hero 11 Black’s notable additional new feature.

The undeniable fact that GoPro introduced this capability is noteworthy considering that it is usually seen in the biggest video cameras. For more information, read the whole article.

GoPro Hero 11 Black: Price

On September 14, 2022, the HERO11 Black will be available everywhere for $499.99/£499.99/AUS $799.95 MSRP and $399.98/£399/AUS $649.95 for GoPro Subscribers.


GoPro Hero 11 Black
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As it works, it is acceptable that the Hero 11 retains the same style and size as the Hero 10 and Hero 9. It does not require an external housing because it is small, light and enduring enough to take quick pictures underwater or it can endure drops. .

The GoPro we have come to know and love over the last few generations is physically there in the Hero 11 Black. In short, you get a strong little camera that can endure up to 10m without a case. A front LCD of 1.4 inches is available for vloggers, and as a result of the opening frame rates of the GP2 processor, it’s now smoother than it was when it initially arrived on the Hero 9 Black.

If you take mainly selfies, the front color screen is useful, but most of the time the responsive touch rear display. If not, just turn it on and press the shutter button to start recording.

Battery life

GoPro Hero 11 Black

Last year, GoPro released a brand new extended battery for the Hero 9 and Hero 10. According to GoPro, this battery, called Enduro, can provide 38% more battery life than the normal battery and can ‘ operates in both hot and cold environments without compromising performance.

Video and Image Quality

The maximum camera data rate has been increased from 100Mbps on Hero 10 Black to 120Mbps. While other elements, such as resolution and frame rate, will have a greater impact on video quality, this gives the Hero 11 Black a higher threshold that can be useful in additional complicated scenes.

However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate any apparent improvement in video quality.

Other features

GoPro Hero 11 Black
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Instead of the 23MP shots that the Hero 10 Black produced, the improved sensor now produces 27MP images. However, this modification is more about the added versatility given its nearly square aspect ratio than it’s about visual quality.

Since the sensors of both cameras in the Hero 10 Black and the GoPro have the same horizontal resolution, GoPro basically added 4MP of vertical resolution to the Hero 10 Black’s sensor.

This indicates that GoPro’s newest flagship still captures regular 5K/60p footage in 16:9 or 4:3, but also lets you record in “full-frame” 8:7 mode and export movies in formats other, including 9:16. , using Quik software.

The time-lapses of the Hero 11 Black show its latest advances over its forerunner. Light Painting, Star Trails, and Vehicle Lights are only a few of the new “night effects” you can pick from in the options. The first is a fun setting that enables Hero 11 a bit more flexibility, although we have only had the opportunity to try it out so far.