Green Arrow And The Canary Update: The famous actress, known as Mia Queen, Katherine McNamara says she is heartbroken because of the cancellation of the series in which she was supposed to participate. The CW’s Green Arrow And The Canaries has been canceled for the time being by CW officials.

Know more about the show: Green Arrow And The Canaries

“Green Arrow And The Canaries” or better known as “Livin In The Future” is part of season 8 of the American television series Arrow. The series is based on the DC Comic that features Green Arrow as one of its superheroes.

The show is directed by Tara Miele and written by Beth Schwartz, Marc Guggenheim, Jim Blankenship, and Oscar Balderrama. The series first aired on 21 January 2020. This was supposed to be the 9th and the final episode of season 8. But now, the episode is asserted canceled by CW networks.

Know More The Final Episode

Green Arrow And The Canaries

The final episode of season 3 ended up telling its viewers that Mia Queen uses time travel to join her father’s funeral in 2020. Mia from 2040 visits back to life in 2020. Most likely the season finale will be a set story. in the 2040s.

The shoe will be more focused on the challenges faced by Mia and other superheroes when it’s 2040. The roles of the characters Mia, Laurel, and Dinah aren’t clear and will be clear once the finale is there.

Know-How Katherine Reacted To The News

The famous queen Mia or Katherine McNamara took to Twitter to share her heartbreak. Katherine’s journey on the show began with season 7 and she soon became a series regular cast member. Looking at her Twitter tweet, one can tell that she was really connected to the role.

Katherine is the one who keeps sharing her experiences and routinely spills the beans on the set of Arrow. She even expressed her desire to work in the Arrowverse series.

The cancellation of the episode by the CW network is still unknown. Many viewers think that the CW network is failing to grab a good opportunity that could bring them great success. The female lead superhero movie could be a plus for the series.

While the creators of the series have already declared its cancellation, the fans are waiting for the lead to start Katherine and Smoak to return with another work from the Arrowverse and it is going to be really disheartening if this doesn’t occur.