Gunther’s Millions, new Netflix a series starring Emilie Dumay and Aurelien Leturgie, will debut in the following month.

The documentary series centers on Gunther, a German shepherd who allegedly received a $400 million inheritance from an unidentified countess. The narrative becomes more delicate with a colourful spread designed by the project that reveals the reality behind this loving statement.

Gunther’s Millions will join the ranks of other acclaimed investigative documentary miniseries produced by Netflix, including Tiger King, The Tinder Swindler, The Making of A Murder, and much more, with the upcoming run of four hour-long episodes. But because of the dog-gets-rich plot, it is a much lighter and funnier offering than the average for the well-liked streaming service.

Gunther’s Millions Release Date

Gunther's Millions
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The four-episode season of Gunther’s Millions debuts on Netflix on February 1, 2023. Averaging nearly 60 minutes, each episode has a running time of over four hours. The names of any episodes have yet to be made public.

Netflix airs all episodes of its series without delay rather than releasing them one after the other each week, giving its audience the option of watching all of them without delay or independently, as most people do these days. .

Cast and creator

Gunther's Millions

Maurizio Mian in the role of himself.
Aurelien Leturgie is the director.

Gunther’s Millions: The Plot

Gunther's Millions
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A notable figure in Gunther’s life is Maurizio Mian, an Italian entrepreneur, and pharmaceutical inheritor. The significant fraud surrounding the dog’s victories, the cult-like environment surrounding the dog’s opulent lifestyle, and a few undiscovered scientific endeavors that could replicate the dog are all Mian’s work.

Perhaps, together with Mian, the best-known figure in history is the German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein, whose death is meant to have taken place in 1992 and who is claimed to have left her dog, Gunther, an estate of $80 million .

Mian’s investments have given him a net worth of about $400 million over the years. Investigative television programs, however, can refute these assertions. The cycle of dog years causes the water to become murkier.

According to the 1 minute 30 second film, Gunther IV and his grandfather Gunther III got their money from Countess Leibenstein. According to reports, Leibenstein had no close relatives or kids, so her German Shepherd was mentioned in her will.

In a sit-down interview for the documentary series, the enigmatic Mian says the multi-million dollar trust Liebenstein left behind supports dogs. However, there isn’t any proof that the historical Karlotta Liebenstein ever existed. In 1995, Mian told an Italian journalist that the identity of the countess had been made “to publicize the ideas of his organization.”

Gunther’s Millions attempts to captivate and entice viewers with its depiction of luxury gone mad, featuring a doubtful real estate deal, one of the biggest tax fraud operations in American history, and experiments in troubling society.