Heavenly Delusion Episode 11 started with the extreme moment of Tokio giving birth.

When is Heavenly Delusion Episode 12 Coming? Also, Heavenly Delusion episode 12 is scheduled to be released tomorrow and has gathered great anticipation from fans.

The previous episode proved to be exceptionally significant, revealing critical information and interconnecting diverse elements that contributed to a better understanding of the overall story.

One of the major plot twists revealed in the last episode was the existence of two different timelines within the anime. Maru and Kiruko’s journey takes place in the present, while the events that take place at Takahara Academy take place in the past.

In addition, the viewers discovered that the kids in the academy were called Hiruko, and the director had sinister intentions behind their presence.

Furthermore, Kiruko is on the verge of finding Robin Inazaki. However, the show announced a reunion, which suggests that things may not go as smoothly as Kiruko had hoped.

For dedicated fans who are eagerly waiting for Heavenly Delusion episode 12, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of all information about the upcoming episode.

In addition, this article will cover the potential release date, recaps of the previous episode, and any other relevant updates, guaranteeing that you remain well informed about this thrilling anime series.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 12 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Heavenly Delusion Episode 12

Heavenly Delusion fans can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated release of episode 12, which is scheduled to air on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

The latest episode will be available on Disney+ worldwide, guaranteeing that viewers from diverse regions will have the ability to enjoy the highly anticipated installment.

If you are in Japan, you can catch the newest episodes on stations like MBS, MS11, Tokyo MX, and Mainichi Broadcasting, amongst others.

However, it is necessary to note that access to the latest episode and the whole catalog of Heavenly Delusion may require a subscription to the respective platforms mentioned.

So, ensure you sign up for their paid services to stay updated with the fascinating storyline of this anime series. So, get ready for an immersive experience as Heavenly Delusion continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling narrative and astonishing visuals.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 11 Recap

Heavenly Delusion Episode 12
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Heavenly Delusion Episode 11 started with the extreme moment of Tokio giving birth. The delivery was successful, and then the scene moved to the Director and Dr. Sawatari, where the Director revealed her plan to accomplish immortality by transferring her mind into the body of another person.

This explained why Aoshima had been appointed as the Vice Director against her will.

Meanwhile, Maru and Kiruko continued their journey to Takahara Academy’s Ibaraki facility, camping for the night after spotting a thick cloud of smoke in the distance, indicating signs of human life.

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Robin Inazaki was present at the facility, albeit with a dry look that created an ominous atmosphere every time he appeared on screen.

The episode then introduced Ohma, a fifth year student who had powers that induced hallucinations in others when they made eye contact.

Mimihime fell victim to Ohma’s abilities and had a revealing conversation with Kona, who stated that she had the ability to foresee future events and hinted that she was Hiruko.

This revelation proposed that the students had the potential to transform into Hiruko, which was consistent with Kiruko’s previous hallucination caused by Hiruko.

She strongly indicated that Ohma could be the Hiruko in question. In addition, the students were summoned to the pool and informed of a vague test that required them to go “outside.”

The academy’s reference to the child as Hiruko left some students perplexed and bewildered. This episode of Heavenly Delusion continued to disclose the complex mysteries surrounding the academy and its enigmatic characters, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next Episode.

What To Expect From Heavenly Delusion Episode 12?

Heavenly Delusion Episode 12
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In the next episode of Heavenly Delusion, fans can anticipate the long-awaited reunion between Kiruko and Robin Inazaki. However, there’s a lingering sense of uncertainty about whether this reunion will unfold smoothly.

Also, given Robin’s enigmatic and foreboding presence, in addition to the show’s penchant for foreshadowing, it is believable to suspect he may have ulterior motives or a hidden agenda.

Additionally, the episode could shift its focus to the kids of Takahara Academy, who could potentially be freed to explore the outside world on their own.

However, this transition will undoubtedly pose enormous challenges for them, as they were raised in a tightly controlled environment.

As Episode 12 serves as the penultimate episode of the first season, it is anticipated to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding The Calamity, providing fans with critical context and unraveling more layers of the intricate narrative.

So, get ready for an intense and gripping session of Heavenly Delusion as the season draws to its climactic conclusion.