Audiences are left on the edge of their seats, keen to learn the destiny of both the characters and the overall narrative in episode 13 of ‘Heavenly Delusion’.

Heavenly Delusion Finale Ending Explained: In episode 13 of ‘Heavenly Delusion’ or ‘Tengoku Daimkyou’, titled ‘The Journey Continues and Begins’, the story takes an intriguing turn as Mimihime and her friends enter the jungle at the suggestion of Taka which could be their long awaited exam.

As they delve deeper into the unknown, the suspense builds, leaving viewers keen to uncover the secrets that lie ahead. Meanwhile, another subplot unfolds as Maru becomes more and more concerned for Kiriko, who has been mysteriously absent for two consecutive nights.

Desperate to find her, Maru visits Ibaraki’s facility in search of answers but is met with resistance from the guards. Fueled by fear and anxiety for Kiriko’s well-being, Maru reaches his breaking point and vents his frustration, resorting to violence.

As the episode concludes, audiences are left on the edge of their seats, keen to learn the destiny of both the characters and the overall narrative in episode 13 of ‘Heavenly Delusion’.

So, to know everything in detail about the ending of the Heavenly Delusion Season 1 Finale, continue reading this article till the very end.

Recap Of Final Heavenly Delusion

Delusion of heaven

In the final episode, Mimihime and her friends, after escaping from Takahara Academy, find themselves in front of an unlimited and mysterious forest. Uncertain about their next step, Taka proposes that they move on.

He reveals the broken fence around the facility, which provides an entry point into the forest, where he believes they can win by exploring the “outside.”

Trusting Taka’s conviction, Mimihime and the others follow him into the forest. However, as they continue their journey, Mimihime’s instinct makes her turn back, and she feels the need to return.

Sharing her concerns with Shiro, they began to find their way back to Takahara Academy. As they navigate the unfamiliar environment, they become disoriented, unaware of their exact location.

Then, guided by the sound of a close by flowing river, Mimihime leads Shiro in that direction, only to discover that they’re on a precarious cliff.

Realizing they must reach the water below, tragedy strikes as the ground beneath Mimihime gives way, causing her to fall. In a selfless act, Shiro jumps after her, ensuring she does not fall to the ground, although they both suffer injuries.

However, miraculously, their wounds aren’t fatal, and they survive the ordeal. Meanwhile, Maru’s concern for Kiriko reaches its peak after her extended absence.

Determined to find her, he confronts the guards at the facility, resorting to violence to gain access. Maru ultimately discovers Kiriko naked and bound on a bed. At that very moment, Robin approaches the room but runs away as soon as he realizes Maru’s presence.

So, driven by rage, Maru relentlessly pursues Robin, subjecting him to a brutal beating. With revenge in his heart, Maru is prepared to end Robin’s life, but Kiriko intervenes, preventing the act of murder.

The two friends leave the facility and find solace by a river, where Kiriko opens up about her struggles with identity.

Maru offers reassurance and takes a bold step by confessing his love for the person Kiriko has become.

Although Kiriko’s response doesn’t instantly convey reciprocity, it is clear that she appreciates having Maru by her side.

Heavenly Delusion Finale Ending Explained

Delusion of heaven

At the end of this episode, after the accident, the members of the Ministry of Reconstruction arrive at the Ibaraki Facility for a scrupulous investigation.

Their shock is palpable as they discover the facility totally abandoned, devoid of any staff. Blood stains on the walls serve as a grim reminder of the violent confrontation between Robin and Maru in the hallway.

Amid the chaos, the investigators stumbled upon a set of keys, which had been dropped by Robin moments before his altercation.

Intrigued by the locked room, the only one left unexplored, they decide to open it and reveal its secrets.

Inside, they’re met with a shocking sight—a lady is on the ground, revealing that she registered as a resident three months earlier.

Her body is inexplicably bound to a monstrous entity, leaving her disconnected from her environment. As the creature stirs, panic sets in, forcing everybody to quickly evacuate the room and lock it yet again, struggling to comprehend the horrors that have taken place within.

While the anime concludes without providing clear answers, it’s later revealed that Robin managed to flee the region, fearing the implications of his illicit activities.

Unknown to the Ministry of Reconstruction, Robin was clandestinely conducting illegal experiments, specifically on humans, within the confines of the Ibaraki Facility.

Despite sustaining injuries, Robin survives and is set to play a central role in the upcoming season, potentially further complicating the narrative.