Hellhole is a story of affection, grief, sorrow, and karma that spans two generations. The narrative begins in Hong Kong in the seventies. Ke Ying, who is waiting, finds out that her partner is seeing someone else. Her spouse leaves her at the hospital. A female ghost chases her as she gives birth and tries to kill the unborn child.

Ke Ying makes the decision to give her life to keep her child safe. She gives birth to a child before jumping off a building to end her life. Ke Ying was really drugged. Her husband Zhen Ye and his lover Man Ping created this trap for her.

Accidentally, Zhen Ye dies, leaving behind Man Ping and his child. In a university medical school about to be destroyed, a group of medical students in the early 1920s encountered ghosts in the middle of the night and are now being killed by the spirits.

Hellhole Review


The ghost is Hao Ming, Ke Ying’s son. He was born without parents and led a difficult existence. He is clever and excelled as a medical student. He is, however, often victimized by bullying by his friends and at last became scarred. In the place where his mother died, he committed suicide.

The government built a medical school after demolishing a spooky hospital twenty years earlier. The school is still haunted, although.

“One doesn’t create films for oneself. You can see from recent box office data that horror films are a popular choice for cinemagoers in Poland. The audience is prepared, but is this a Polish horror film? There is just one method to learn.

There have been just a few more or less successful horror trials in Poland over the last fifty years. This genre is actually extinct today, “After the success of his double horror film Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight Part I (2020) and II (2022), which was also produced by Akson Studio for Netflix and have become a global hit on the platform, Bartosz M. Kowalski spoke to FNE.

The play is set in an abandoned monastery in 1987 where the monks keep a clinic for possession. A young police officer named Marek is charged with investigating the disappearance of a few tortured prisoners and visits the asylum while pretending to be a cleric.

However, it turns out that the clergy have identified Mark, and he becomes involved in a plot to revive an old tale that has been simmering for years.

The first Polish disaster film, The Hive, which Netflix also ordered from Akson Studio, is now being developed by the director and screenwriter team of Bartosz M. Kowalski and Mirella Zaradkiewicz.

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