Castlevania Season 4 is on its way to release and the director of the show has shared the first look of the upcoming episodes. Director Samuel Deats shares two new images from the Netflix series for the upcoming 4th season, the show is under production.

The series is based on the Japanese video game series of the same name as the show, and debuted in 2017.

The last season, season 3 of Castlevania was released in March 2020, and later after only a few weeks they also announced season 4 for this series. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production of the new season has been postponed.

Castlevania Season 4: Update

As production on the show resumed in August, there have been few updates on the new episodes, including the release date. It is known that Warren Ellis, the creator, and writer of Castlevanis, won’t be back after season 4. this news came in August after he had already completed his work on the next season.

Castlevania season 4 updates

According to news, Earlier in the summer Ellis was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of individuals, which resulted in him leaving Castlevania and other projects.

It seems that they will be affected after season 4. Ellis wrote every episode of season 1-3, so he has a major role in the success of the previous seasons.

The image that was tweeted is thrilling on its own. Fans of the show are most likely starting to speculate about Castlevania season 4 now if they have not already. His claim that season 4 is Phenomenal should make viewers even more keen for the new episodes.

Now those who were worried about the show after the revelation of Ellis’ exit from the show, season 5 will definitely be the biggest test for Castlevania.

Now that the first look of this season has been released, now the fans of the show are waiting for the revelation of the release date for season 4. It has been over the period of one year since the release of the season 3 and in the previous seasons also there was a gap of just about a year, so according to that model the next season should be released in summer 2021. And the viewers are expected that Netflix will make an announcement about the episodes l -new Castlevania coming soon.

Cast- Who Will Return?

The characters of the series are Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), Alucard (James Callis), and Sypha Belnades (Alejandra Reynoso), these characters work together to fight against Dracula.

This show also has an awesome cast of voice actors, with Armitage, Callis, and Reynoso.