Hermione Obliviates Her Parents: The Reason, Revealed

Hermione made the dangerous decision to erase her parents’ memories of Hermione in that dark, desperate moment of war. What is the real reason Hermione Obliviates Her Parents?

The first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a dramatic and heartbreaking scene in which Hermione Obliviates Her Parents, thereby erasing their memories about her. It is also revealed that Hermione vanishes from the family photos in the living room. Everything that demonstrates her existence has been erased.

Based on a J.K. Rowling book, this movie was made. Harry Potter’s best friend, Hermione Granger (played in Beauty & The Beast by Emma Watson) is also Harry Potter’s.

While Mr. Granger and Mrs. Granger don’t play a significant role in the Harry Potter story, we do know some of their history. Hermione, also known as Mudblood by some people, is a witch or wizard who was born to Muggles (a non-witch/wizard). Hermione’s parents, Muggles, don’t know much about magic so they don’t make an appearance in the story.

Hermione Obliviates Her Parents: The Reason, Revealed

Hermione and her parents work as dentists in London. However, they strongly support Hermione being a witch even though they don’t know much about it. Hermione’s parents don’t believe in wizardry or witchcraft, but they do often accompany Hermione on her trips to Diagon Alley.

They don’t know much about wizardry, so it is possible that they don’t know what danger lies ahead for their daughter.

In the first movie of Harry Potter, Hermione Obliviates Her Parents. Hermione’s parents will not be able to remember anything about her because the Second Wizarding War is about start. Hermione instead gives them new identities, Wendell Wilkins and Monica Wilkins. They are about to move to Australia.

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What is the real reason Hermione Obliviates Her Parents?

Why Hermione Obliviates Her Parents?

Hermione Obliviates Her Parents: The Reason, Revealed

Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and their gang will do whatever it takes to get what they want, and even kill Muggles, just in case. Voldemort’s Death Eaters could put Hermione’s parents in danger to get Harry Potter to give up.

Hermione believes that in order to protect her parents, it is best for them not to know anything about Hermione, her friends or the wizarding world. She also thinks it would be better for her parents to forget her and move to Australia. This is a very selfless act and Hermione will sacrifice her safety to never see her parents again.

It turns out that this was the right decision. Shortly after her parents leave for Australia, a Death Eater Corban Yanxley visits their home to search for information. However, the house is empty. If Hermione hadn’t done what she did and her parents were brought back to Death Eaters, then the story would have been different and Harry, Hermione and Ron would all be forced to surrender to the Dark Lord. We won’t know.

Hermione Obliviates Her Parents for another reason. Hermione knows that her daughter may not survive the war. Hermione’s memories can be erased to prevent her parents from grieving and suffering for the loss of their child. It is better to not know that Hermione exists for good.

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What is the difference between The Book and The Movie?

Hermione Obliviates Her Parents: The Reason, Revealed

The movie and the book have a slight difference. Hermione Obliviates Her Parents in the movie. This can be read as a permanent act of omission. Hermione also loses all evidence of her existence, including photos.

In the book’s original story, Hermione uses an Obliviate charm instead of a false memory charm. This is easier to keep in reserve. Once everything is settled and the war is over, she plans to return and find her parents. It would be safer for them to not know about Hermione so that the Death Eaters can’t track down who is related to her.

What happens at the End?

Hermione plans to return to her home to meet her parents. However, she may need to wait to make sure it is safe before returning home. This might not be true in the movie because Hermione Obliviates her parents, which can cause them to forget about her forever.

J.K. Rowling, however, has confirmed that Hermione does try to find her parents as soon as the war is over. They live happily as before, after she gives them back their memories.

After Ron and Hermione got married, years later, Mrs. Granger became grandparents to their two children. They are proud of their daughter, who became the Minister of Magic.

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