Hitman 3 Update: After reporting that Hitman 3 will be heading to the Nintendo Switch, designer IO Interactive has now revealed the delivery date of the Switch adaptation.

IO Interactive, makers of Hitman 3, recently reported the delivery date for the Nintendo Switch adaptation of the game. Hitman 3 will officially be the last and third game in IO’s World of Assassination trilogy.

This franchise was started with the 2016 game simply called “Hitman”. This third installment is based on it to wrap up the trilogy and highlight a darker and more complicated storyline.

Like its two archetypes, Hitman 3 will take the hero agent 47 to lovely and interesting areas as he tries to chase and release his objectives.

Each of the game’s six levels has been recently unveiled, so gamers can anticipate exploring notable areas such as Dubai, Berlin, and the Carpathian Mountains.

Hitman 3

However, Hitman 3 won’t be restricted to only six missions. Similarly, since Hitman 2 contained the entirety of the missions of the primary game, The game will contain the entirety of content from the two past titles. Much more remarkable is that IO has clearly figured out how to fit each of the three games under 100 GB.

After already declaring delivery of the game for the Nintendo Switch, IO Interactive finally reported a delivery date on Twitter.

The Switch will ship on January 20th, the very same day as all other versions of the game, which means that Nintendo fans won’t encounter any postponements. Gamers who play Hitman 3 on the Switch will encounter the Cloud Version of the game, which uses the innovation of cloud streaming to allow the new game to run on older consoles.

Hitman 3 will end the World of Assassination trilogy, which means that this is most likely the last appearance of Hitman for quite some time.

However, IO Interactive is proceeding forward to a new energizing task, as the studio recently discovered that its next game will be set inside the secret universe of James Bond.

The Bond franchise is completely appropriate for a studio that dominates in strategies and death, so fans are anxious to see the result of this joint effort. It can be said that IO Interactive has successfully revitalized the World of Assassination trilogy by effectively bringing Agent 47 into the modern gaming scene.

Hitman 3 Release Date

Assassin 3 will deliver on January 20th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.