Hitoribocchi Season 2 – Any Chances??

Hitoribocchi Season 2 will there ever be? Is there a sequel?

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, one of many comedy and slice-of-life anime series, revolves around the school theme. Hitoribocchi is similar to Asobi Asobase. It follows a group female students who have different personalities as they live their lives mostly at school, with many funny moments between them.

Hitoribocchi’s premise is very similar to Komi Can’t Communicate. Both stories focus on the main character, who suffers from extreme social anxiety and has trouble making friends.

Hitoribocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu was originally a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated initially by Katsuwo. Since September 27, 2013, it has been serialized by ASCII Media Works’ comic Dengeki Daioh magazine. It ran for eight tankobon volumes, before being concluded on June 25, 2021.

Hitoribocchi Season 2 Renewal Statute

Hitoribocchi Season 2 - Any Chances??

After the last episode of Mitsuboshi Colors (an anime adaptation of another manga series by the same author), the Hitoribocchi anime adaptation was announced. C2C produced the adaptation. This studio is best known for producing anime such as WorldEnd and Wandering Witch.

Hitoribocchi, an anime series that aired for twelve episodes, premiered April 6, 2019. It ended on June 22, 2019. Many fans want a second season to enjoy the same action as the first. What is Hitoribocchi Season 2’s renewal status?

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We have not received any information from either the author nor the studio about Hitoribocchi Season 2 as of yet. Although we don’t know if there will be a renewal of the season, it is not canceled. Its current location is still unknown.

Hitoribocchi Season 2 will be possible?

Hitoribocchi Season 2 - Any Chances??

Hitoribocchi Season 2 is highly unlikely, unfortunately. It is unlikely that Hitoribocchi Season 2 will be produced because the manga series has ended. Hitoribocchi Season 2 wouldn’t be necessary, as most adaptations are done to promote the source.

Another reason is the low BD sales, which were certainly not enough to guarantee Hitoribocchi Season 2 – considering the fact that the anime series wasn’t that popular.

The studio would have enough source material to renew the season, even though it has less than half of what they need. Only 33 of 101 chapters were covered in the first season. With the material available, they could easily make another season. You can read the manga starting at chapter 34 if you don’t mind following the anime timeline.

These are the reasons why Hitoribocchi Season 2 is unlikely to return.

Hitoribocchi Action

Many people know what it’s like to move to a new school without any friends. It can be difficult to get to know new people and make new friends. Bocchi Hitori, who just graduated from elementary school, knows the struggle.

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She is afflicted by extreme social anxiety. She faints when she’s overwhelmed and vomits when anxious. Kai Yawara, her elementary school friend, is not going to the same middle school with Bocchi. Kai breaks off all ties with Bocchi to help her and promises to make amends with her when she becomes friends with all her middle school classmates.

Even though Bocchi doesn’t believe in herself, she is determined that Kai will be her friend again. Bocchi summons all her courage to take on the daunting task of making friends with her whole class, beginning with the girl who looks delinquent in front of her.

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