Hoffman Family Gold – What’s the Spin-Off for the Gold Rush??

Discovery’s Gold Rush was the gold rush of platform viewers for over a decade. But after Todd Hoffman, nothing feels the same. Hoffman Family Gold was the last time Hoffman appeared.

Hoffman quit the show after leading a team and being a main star for eight seasons. He expressed interest in other ventures. Discovery+ has announced that Hoffman will be returning to Alaska with a spinoff series called “Hoffman Family Gold”.

What’s the show’s purpose? We will show you everything you need about Hoffman Family Gold, so don’t worry!

When will Hoffman Family Gold be released?

Hoffman Family Gold - What's the Spin-Off for the Gold Rush??

When he was in the show’s first eight seasons, Todd Hoffman was a big draw. As he and his team traveled the globe searching for gold, viewers were drawn to Hoffman’s determination and grit. He left the series in a major development, but anyone who has missed him over the years will soon see him return in grand fashion.

Discovery and Discovery+ will air “Hoffman Family Gold” in the early 2022. Although no exact date has been set, the show will air on Discovery and Discovery+ in 2022.

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Hoffman’s team took to Twitter to discuss their new show. Fans were thrilled to hear the news. One user wrote, “Yo Todd Hoffman team. We are glad to have you back. Hoffman will not rely on his stupid hunches this time, but science and engineering will find the gold.” Hoffman will have to rely upon state-of-the art equipment. He’ll also have familiar faces with him in the field.

Who will be part of Hoffman Family Gold?

Hoffman Family Gold - What's the Spin-Off for the Gold Rush??

You can be sure that the Discovery series will be a family affair with a title such as “Hoffman Family Gold”. Oregon Live announced that Todd Hoffman will bring a lot of his family with him on the Alaska trip. It reads: “Joining Todd will be his father Jack, and Hunter, along with a veteran team of gold miners.” These names will be familiar to those who have seen the “Gold Rush” series, as they appeared on it as well. They’ll get to redeem themselves and see if the Alaskan wilderness can take them all.

He’s not thinking about his immediate family, however. As the announcement states, “This could Todd’s last chance for him to create his family for the future and share the wealth of his friends who have stayed by his side throughout the years.”

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Is Hoffman Family Gold on the trailer?

The trailer for “Hoffman Family Gold”, which you can see on YouTube, gives a glimpse into what to expect. It’s only one minute long, so it doesn’t give much away, but it gives a general idea of the series. Hoffman said, “No guts, not glory.”

Oregon Live’s announcement provides more details about the stakes audiences can expect to see on the new show. “After ending a troubled mining season in Colorado in 2018, Todd wants to get back into the game.” He is putting all his savings into the hopes of turning around a mine that has been closed for nearly 100 miles north from Nome, Alaska.

Will he emerge from the situation a much richer man or with his tail between both his legs? You can only find out by tuning in to “Hoffman Family Gold” in the near future.

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