Dwayne Johnson reveals that ‘Black Adam’ was inspired by The Rock’s legendary Heel Turn The seeds of Black Adam were planted just about all the way back to The Rock’s time in WWE, which led to the third heel turn.

In 2017, Johnson began discussions with New Line Cinema a few proposed Shazam film, at which time he had already starred in The Scorpion King, The Rundown, and Gridiron Gang.

The film, which told the story of Shazam, Captain America, and Black Adam was created under the direction of comedy director Peter Segal. Johnson was reportedly hired to play the character of Shazam but saw more potential in Black Adam. However, the film remained stuck in development hell for ten years.

According to Dwayne Johnson, the version of Black Adam, due out on October 21st, is nothing like the original plans for the character. Johnson also revealed that despite years of backward and forward, the two main films only got a finished script six or seven years ago, with both characters pushing into a 100-minute film.

A draft script led the wrestler-turned-actor to meet with Warner Bros. executives. and suggest that the film be made in two films.

Here’s What else Dwayne Johnson shared about his role as Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson

Although Johnson has starred in a number of PG blockbusters in addition to all-age films, his trained The Rock persona comes through in his earlier films.

When asked if he draws inspiration from his days as The Rock, particularly his legendary run in the 1990s that saw him team up with Vince McMahon and transform him into a corporate champion, he said his wrestling persona played a major role in driving ‘ Black Adam.

Towards a more fiery character that fans of the DC universe loved. Almost 20 years after Johnson was entirely in the wrestling world, his WWE persona is something he still reflects on.

Although people may have disagreed with The Rock’s choices, Johnson says that “wrestling was very different back then” and “The Attitude Era was much more violent. So there were many parallels.

The thing about Black Adam is that while you do not have to agree, you can interpret him as a supervillain, an anti-hero, a protector, or even a superhero. you may not agree with his philosophy, but everybody understands it.”

According to Cageside Seats, The Attitude Era is the most celebrated and controversial era in WWE. Although there are conflicting opinions about when The Attitude Era began and ended, it most certainly began in November 1997 and led to April 2001.

During this era, every show was a well anticipated event and the era brought back many new fans in addition to previous Hulkamania fans.