Fantastic Four is among the first superhero teams from Marvel, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1961. And now the team is being reintroduced in Marvel’s Kang Dynasty Saga or Multiverse Saga.

As we all know Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 will start with Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, which will be released on February 17, 2023. From the movie, fans will know more about the concepts of the multiverse and time travel with the film that will introduce different variants of Kang.

Kang’s character arc will develop and will end with Avengers: Secret Wars. But how and why are the Fantastic Four important in Phases 5 and 6?

The Fantastic Four team won’t appear in Marvel’s Phase 5 and 6. But as we all know Marvel is famous for introducing its main superheroes as cameos in any team-up movie and then in their solo movies like Tom Holland’s Superman and Black Panther aka King T’Challa were introduced in Captain America: Civil War then they got their separate superhero movies.

So fans are excited to see the Fantastic Four team members in any upcoming big Marvel Project.

Fantastic Four Team can be seen in these Marvel Projects

As of now, it’s not clear when or how they will appear Team Fantastic Four, But according to me, we can get a glimpse of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania. Since Kang is largely a descendant of the 31st century of Reed Richards, and his name was Nathaniel Richards in the 31st century. So it is feasible that we can get a hint of Reed’s existence in the next Marvel movie.

Fantastic Four vs. Kang in the Comics
Marvel Comics

How every InsiderWe have already got an idea that a few more variants of Kang will appear in Loki Season 2. And we already know that Kang the Conqueror will be the main villain of Loki Season 2.

So it is feasible that we can get so much more details about the Fantastic Four team as He who remains had confirmed in Loki Season 1 that he was one of the 31st Century versions of Nathaniel Richards.

there are a few other projects like Thunderbolts and The Marvels that could introduce the team to the MCU.

Why is the Fantastic Four necessary for Phase 6?

As of now, MCU has no important and clever superhero who can build a team to fight against Kang in Multiverse Saga. And now we have many more superheroes than in Phase 3 in the MCU. Reed Richards could play a central role in creating an amazing team to fight against Kang in Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

In Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, we saw Reed Richards as the smartest scientist in the world, So I believe the MCU needs Reed Richards and his team to fight against all the circumstances responsible for the Incursions.

And if you do not know the incursion was the main reason for Avengers: Secret Wars where superheroes from different realities and universes will fight with one another to save their own universes. But finally, the incursion will be inevitable and only one earth will survive where every type of superhero will exist from Inhumans, and Mutants to our traditional superheroes.

So for Secret War to occur we need the Fantastic Four as they will lead our new avengers to stop the incursion.