18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown may be a celebrity today, but she won’t ever be too big for her family. When she was just 12 years old, the actress landed the role of Eleven in Stranger Things, which served as her big break. The series ultimately became very popular and was very successful.

Her next movie Enola Holmeswhich was available on Netflixwas an amazing success, and contributed to it as well Enola Holmes 2. Throughout her career, Millie Bobby Brown has won many accolades. In terms of her achievements, she has been included in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2018, Time magazine distribute the list to the public.

Millie was also given the chance to act UNICEF as its Goodwill Ambassador, making history as the youngest person to be chosen for such an honor. Believe it or not, her siblings have played a major role in her endeavors in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Everything you need to know about her younger sister, older brother, and siblings is provided below.

How many siblings does Millie Bobby Brown have? What do they do?

Millie Bobby Brown
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Millie Bobby Brown has three siblings. Charlie and Paige are Millie Bobby Brown’s older siblings, while Ava is her younger sister. Now, tell us briefly about her siblings one by one:

1. Paige Brown

Paige Brown
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Millie Brown’s older sister’s name is Paige Brown. The 23-year-old, who was born on 27 December 1993, may have been the one who motivated Millie to pursue a career in acting. Paige began pursuing an acting career at a young age, and in 2006, she received her first credit on the tv show Help Me Help You.

Her most notable performance was as Allison in the 2017 film South Dakota. A few films that Millie and her sister Paige have produced together include Enola Holmes and the upcoming Netflix film “A Time Lost”.

2. Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Millie’s older brother, Charlie Brown, is undoubtedly pleased with her and her work, even if he does not live in the limelight like his sister. He is a talented photographer, and even photographed her on the autumn cover of Who What Wear.

The photo session took place at their family home in Atlanta, Georgia, and his expertise was evident in the dreamy and natural themes of the images. She looked astonishing in a full skirt dress with a floral corset, and claimed her favourite photo was one in which she was sitting on a log with her dress falling down either side of her.

3. Ava Brown

Ava Brown

Millie Brown has only one younger sister, and her name is Ava Brown. On January 20, 2012, the sweet 13-year-old was born. Like her sisters, she has not yet started to pursue a career in the entertainment sector, but there’s still time because she is young and at school.

She clearly has a close relationship with her older sister Millie. Ava’s fifth birthday was celebrated with a sweet birthday note from Millie that perfectly summed up their bond.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Rise To Stardom

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie made her first appearance on television in the role of Alice in the ABC fantasy drama”Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” in the year 2013. After that, she was cast in the lead role of Madison O’Donnell in the paranormal drama-thriller series “Intruders” on BBC America.

In addition, Millie received small parts in well-known sitcoms such as “NCIS,” “Modern Family,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” After making an appearance in the Netflix sci-fi drama “Stranger Things”, she became an overnight celebrity. Her performance as ‘Eleven’ (011) garnered universal applause from fans and critics alike.

Her role as Eleven in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” has sparked quite a lot of fan art, including tattoos. Fans even used the iconic light pink sack outfit from “Eleven” as their Halloween costume. Brown made an appearance in the music video for Sigma and Birdy’s single “Find Me,” which was released in November 2016.

She has been appearing in commercials for Citigroup, an investment and financial services provider, since November 2016. She made her modeling debut in January 2017 for Calvin Klein’s “By Appointment” campaign.

More About Millie Bobby Brown

Brown was the third of four kids born to the English couple Kelly and Robert Brown, a real estate agent. She was born in Marbella, Málaga, Spain, on February 19, 2004. Her parents are from the United Kingdom. She had partial hearing loss in her left ear at birth, and over several years, ultimately lost all hearing in that ear.

When Millie was four, her family returned to England and settled in Bournemouth. When Millie was eight, the family moved back to Orlando, Florida. As of August 2022, she was a student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in health and human services through the online learning platform.