Will Smith, aka “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” wasn’t the only prince growing up. In reality, he spent the majority of his early years sharing his throne with three other brothers. When we consider the undeniable fact that Will’s parents are divorced, we realize that he has an even bigger family than we initially thought.

Will Smith, an American actor, rapper and film producer has a net worth of $375 million. He excels in a number of creative fields, including rapping, producing, comedy, and acting. He received much praise for his performance in the film Men in Black.

We know a lot about Will’s career and the famous family he shares with Jada Pinkett Smith, but we know much less about Will’s siblings. Therefore, everything related to Will Smith and his siblings will be covered in this article. So, read on to understand more about Will Smith and his siblings.

How many brothers will Smith have? What do they do?

Will Smith

Smith comes from a family consisting of two twin brothers, a brother, and a half-sister. Pam, the eldest of his siblings, sells and creates t-shirts, the majority of which show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Pam was inspired to make masks that support the Black Lives Matter explanation for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harry and Ellen Smith, the younger twins of Will Smith, are 51 years old. Ellen serves as the CEO of Dining with Divas, a non-profit organization that helps women and their families who are experiencing hardships.

In 2013, Ellen’s husband was arrested on federal drug charges after planning to distribute at least five kilograms of cocaine. Harry, the other twin, married Amanda Lewis, a stage three breast cancer patient who previously worked as a TV presenter and former model. Amanda Lewis made her battle with the disease public in 2020.

Will Smith’s parents, Caroline and Willard Carroll, divorced when he was just thirteen years old. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Will’s father passed away in 2016.

Caroline’s mother, who is 85 years old, has a close bond with her kids. Ashley Marie Pettway Smith, Will’s half-sister, is an aspiring singer and actress.

Will Smith Looks Closest To His Twin Brothers, Harry, And Ellen Smith

Will Smith
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Harry and Ellen each post often on their separate Instagram accounts, and they do not just post about their older brother, Will; they also seem to be close with Will and Jada’s kids. Will also seems to get along well with Ellen’s daughters in addition to Sydney and Langston, Harry’s two kids.

Ellen Smith attended several red carpet events with her older brother. In addition, Ellen even made an appearance on an episode of Fresh Prince as the fan who gave Oprah a tissue.

Because of his marriage to television celebrity Ananda Lewis, Harry Smith has access to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Treyball Development Inc., a real estate development company that Harry and Will jointly controlled, has an inactive website, making it unclear if it’s still operating.

Pamela, Will’s older sister, is still a member of the Smith family but appears to be less immersed in the celebrity world. In Philadelphia, Pamela runs a business called Pash Boutique, where she sells Black Lives Matter t-shirts, masks, and purses in addition to jewellery.

Childhood and Early Life of Will Smith

Will Smith
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Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born in Pennsylvania on September 25, 1968. His parents, Willard C. Smith, Sr., the owner of a refrigeration company, and Caroline, a member of the Philadelphia School Board ,’ were the proud ones. parents of christopher smith jr. Along with his older sister Pamela and younger siblings Harry and Ellen, he grew up in the neighborhood of Wynnefield.

The little boy was brought up as a Baptist at home but attended Our Lady of Lourdes elementary school for his primary education. He received his education at “Overbrook High School” in Philadelphia after his parents divorced.

Will made the decision not to continue his education after graduating from highschool and instead focus on a career in music.

More About Will Smith

Will Smith
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Will Smith is well known because of the series of films “Men in Black,” in which he worked. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play two agents of a company that controls alien activity on Earth in the science fiction film?

The charming actor is specifically known for his magnificent turn in “Pursuit of happiness.” The film was nominated for several awards and received the well-known “Capri Award” in the “Film of the Year” category.

Actor Will Smith entered the “Guinness Book of World Records” in 2005 for attending three movie premieres in one day.