In Human Resources Season 2, Maury and Connie have a non-binary son named Montel.

Human Resources Season 2 Ending Explained: Netflix‘s ‘Human Resources’ is an adult animated series that serves as a spin-off of the popular show ‘Big Mouth.’

Set in a fictional world, the sitcom centers around a group of fantastical creatures whose purpose is to help humans in dealing with their emotional issues.

Created by a talented team of Kelly Galuska, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett, and Andrew Goldberg, the show’s second season continues to explore the workplace conflicts the characters face.

Emmy, Rochelle, Maury, Pete, and others find themselves navigating the complex and often challenging landscape of their respective professions.

However, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Rochelle undergoes a sudden and unforeseen change in her personality. This causes significant problems in the department, leading to potentially harsh consequences.

If you are interested in whether Rochelle will ultimately return to her usual self and whether the changes in her actions will be reversed, the end of season 2 ‘Human Resources’ will give all the answers to all of your questions.

So, continue reading this article to the end to know in detail everything that happened at the end of Human Resources Season 2.

Human Resources Season 2 recap

Human Resources Season 2
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In Human Resources Season 2, Maury and Connie have a non-binary son named Montel. Maury organizes a special event called “Jizz Mitzvah” for Montel to become a Hormone Monster.

Emmy, Lovebug, takes on a new client named Sarah, who is mentored by an anti-romance Logic Rock named Van.

Despite her own beliefs, Emmy falls for Van and helps Sarah have a one night stand. Pete is punished for injuring Dante’s penis while trying to save him.

Dante becomes suspicious and quits his job, causing tension between himself, Rochelle, and Pete. Rochelle loses faith in romance after a failed matchmaking attempt.

Pete treats Dante’s zombie penis and turns it into a pet. Pete enters into a primarily sexual relationship with Rochelle after she transforms into Hatebug, but he wants more.

General Malica offers Rochelle a full-time position in the Department of Hate. Rochelle struggles to make a choice from love and hate, leading to two different timelines.

Montel refuses to become a Hormone Monster and interns to become a Wizard of Shame under Lionel St. Swithens, leading to a rivalry.

Emmy tries to encourage Sarah to pursue romance, but Van opposes it. Emmy learns that Paul, a client of Walter’s whose wife recently died, has a connection with Sarah.

Human Resources Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happens To Montel And Emmy?

Human Resources Season 2
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In Season 2 of ‘Human Resources’, Montel and Emmy have their separate stories. Montel struggles to establish their own identity and find their place outside of their family.

In the season finale, Montel faces the difficult decision of selecting who to kill between Connie, Maury and Lionel.

In the end, Montel chooses to kill Maury, showing their love for their family. The disagreement is then resolved when Rochelle steps in and stops Montel from doing the deed.

However, Emmy’s story is effectively resolved in the first episode when she is ready to help Sarah find love.

While working with Sarah and Van, Emmy develops feelings for Van but realizes they aren’t compatible.

She assists Sarah in coping with the loss of her mother, and allows her to form significant connections.

Through her work, Emmy continues to grow and improve her skills as a Lovebug.

Will Pete And Rochelle End Up Together?

Human Resources Season 2
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In the first season of ‘Human Resources,’ the storyline introduces the potential for a romantic relationship between Rochelle and Pete.

Pete expresses his feelings for Rochelle, but complications arise when Rochelle becomes involved with Dante, leading to their eventual breakup.

Disappointed by her experiences, Rochelle avoids committing to serious relationships and instead engages in a purely physical connection with Pete.

Her fear of being alone, however, pushes her down the way of hatred and makes her become a Hatebug. Rochelle ultimately admits the mistakes she has made and switches back to the nice side, receiving love and encouragement from her friends.

Despite this, the romantic relationships between Rochelle and Pete remain complex. In the season 2 finale, Rochelle confesses her love for Pete, albeit in a platonic sense, suggesting that a romantic relationship may not be in their future.

However, in the final moments of the season, Rochelle and Pete sing a love song together, and comments from other characters indicate that Rochelle may certainly develop genuine romantic feelings for Pete.

Although their relationship status is not explicitly confirmed, the ending hints at the likelihood of a romantic connection between them.