Netflix started offering video games to its users last year, but the service has yet to catch on. The streaming platform has released a new game Immortality, which happens to be among the best games of 2022.

Immortality is an interactive movie video game created by game designer Sam Barlow that Netflix customers can download to their iPhones and iPads. As of August, the game was released for PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms, and was nominated for best game direction and best story at the next Game Awards.

Releasing the game on Netflix helps both parties. With the interactive Black Mirror episode ‘Bandersnatch,’ Netflix has subscribers better prepared for such a game. In addition, Immortality solidifies Netflix’s position as a platform for narrative-driven games and genuine, interactive experiences.

The iOS version of Immortality is claimed to be identical to the PC and Xbox versions. That’s significant, since it is an FMV game with n*dity and sexual content.

Immortality Trailer

Immortality tells the story of Marissa Marcel, a (fictional) actress who made three films during her career, none of which were ever released.

It’s up to players to discover what happened to Marcel, which includes patiently piecing together events by watching reams of FMV video, just like in Barlow’s previous games.

However, unlike “Her Story” which used fake police interrogation footage, and Telling Lies used “hacked” webcam video, Immortality requires players to search archive footage and behind-the-scenes video through of what appears to be a vintage Moviola device. editing device.

The result is an amazing piece of design and “an elaborate and ingenious mystery,” as Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell described it in his Recommended review back in August.



To play Immortality on iOS and Android, you must have a Netflix subscription. Following its expansion into gaming over the previous year, the streaming service acquired Barlow’s title as a mobile exclusive.

As part of its ongoing quest for a piece of the video game pie, it has added mobile exclusives like Into the Breach, Spiritfarer, and Moonlighter to its catalog. It is also strengthening its development powers by buying brands such as Oxenfree creator Night School Studio and Cozy Grove creator Spry Fox.

Immortality was first released on August 29 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X. Netflix subscribers can access for free using the Netflix iOS app.