Valentine’s Day 2023 saw the release of Netflix’s newest romance drama, In Love All Over Again. The eccentric eight-episode Spanish-language drama follows two lovers over a long period against the backdrop of the perpetually precarious world of the movie business.

The show’s conclusion stood out as significantly different from other romance dramas of an identical type.

The eight-part journey through the picturesque streets of Madrid presented issues with contemporary relationships in addition to the cutthroat nature of the film business, which was a critical element of the dramatic plot.

What happened between Julio and Irene in the last episode of In Love All Over Again?

In Love All Over Again

In the penultimate episode, things with the pair seemed extremely out of whack, given Julio’s rise to fame. He had already offended Irene enough, which was a critical aspect of the finale.

Julio and Irene reconciled in the last episode of In Love All Over Again when Julio acknowledged his everlasting love for her. The couple’s best time together came when the two began a turbulent relationship.

A critical event caused a gap between the two yet again after the whole first half of the show saw some encouraging developments, such as Julio being nominated for a Goya.

Julio asked Irene to attend the Goya with him. Irene first gave her consent but changed her mind when she was given a dress and saw how she would appear to the rest of the world as a showcase.

She reasoned that Julio had been about himself for the last month and that it was not as she had planned to attend the distinguished ceremony.

Going to Goya with Julio was Irene’s classmate and friend, which suggests that Irene and Julio have officially broken up. This significant development was followed by another time jump in the tv program.

The day before her wedding was shown to Irene. She ultimately selected Fer, a long time boyfriend from her hometown.

Irene saw the film that Julio created from her concept the night before the marriage. She also left him a voicemail.

Namena (Blanca Martinez), who was going to start the ritual, contacted Julio and brought him. Irene was getting dressed when Julio entered the room and asked for a moment of her time.

He revealed that he had received an offer of a significant role but had agreed to take part in the film only if Irene was given the position of director. Just before the significant event, put Irene in a problematic situation.

Irene’s uncertain expression in the last frame of In Love All Over Again doesn’t make it clear which direction she would choose. Although the signs in the first episode showed that she would travel with Julio and achieve her dream, the conclusion of the show was left open.