The In Love All Over Again series is a rom-com and will be funny, personal, and satisfying. This movie, which star Franco Masinibest known for playing Luka Colucci in the a insurgent television series, and Georgina Amorósbetter known as Cayetana in Elite Series, describes the love between two young people and explores whether or not they will end up together or not.

The Official Series Plot Synopsis

In Love All Over Again

The official synopsis for the show reads, “Ever since they met, Irene and Julio have been falling in love, breaking up, and then trying again. But, will they ever find their happy ending?” The characters of this romance novel “will they, will not they” are afraid of falling in love, but over time they become more and more drawn to one another.

The Cast of the Series “In Love All Over Again”

Kyle ScudderFranco Masini, Carlos González, Blanca Martinez, Albert SalazarJorge Suquet, Roser Vilajosana, and Alejandro Jato are amongst the actors who appear in the series.

The Crew and Creator of the “In Love All Over Again” Series

In Love All Over Again

The teleplay for the series was co-written with Guillermo J. Escribano, Almudena Ocaa, and Carlos Montero, who also developed Elite. According to reports, it had at least eight episodes directed by Carlota Pereda, Ginesta Guindal, Mateo Gil, and Barbara Farré.

Following are the specifics from the trailer’s official breakdown

In September 2003, Irene arrived in Madrid to take over the world and become a famous film director. At this time she will meet her closest friends, and there’s also Julio, who will be the ideal main character in her films and in her life.

However, life has other ideas. A sparkling story about love and friendship blossoming through the college years and the urge to find your place in the world, In Love All Over Again has a hint of nostalgia.

Irene and Julio wake up next to one another at the start of the trailer, just as love stories begin with an opportunity meeting. But as it turns out, they broke up often and fell in love “many times.”

We learn that Irene already has a lover at home who worries about leaving her and thinks she might date someone else. Irene joins her classmates in Madrid, and they quickly become friends, but Julio also catches her eye. They live in the same flat, and he will be the focus of their next film. Real sparks can start shooting from the screen as they try to film the movie, which also appears to be a love story.

While everything appears to be going well, we catch glimpses of Irene and Julio, now working adults and at odds. What happened between then and now that led to their separation will be revealed in the series, which will be released on Valentine’s Day. Will they ever get together, or will they continue on their way, leaving everything as a fantastic memory?

Where Can I Watch “In Love All Over Again” Series

The series In Love All Over Again is set to premiere on Netflix on February 14, 2023.