iPhone 14 Pro Max: I’m not just saying this to emphasise how sharp the iPhone 14 Pro Max is in light of its larger lenses. This big screen flagship has a brand new 48MP camera. An always-on screen, and an improved A16 Bionic chipset that should once more outperform the Android competition.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: Price

Pre-orders for the four new iPhone 14 models began on September 9. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is scheduled to go on sale on September 16. Although the starting price of $1,099 (AU$1,899) is pricey. That’s a good thing as there have been reports that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be seeing a price hike.

The design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max won’t change dramatically from that of the 13 Pro Max. As already announced. Although the proportions are basically the same, the camera hump on the back is significantly longer.

So, you are out of luck if you are searching for something to match the expensive case you bought for the 13 Pro Max.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

With a glass back and a frame made of surgical grade stainless steel, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has a powerful and extremely premium build. In line with its younger sibling, the iPhone 14 Pro. There is a new design as well.

Once you notice it, the significant difference is not really that significant: the smaller notch from last year’s phones has been replaced by a larger tablet-shaped cutout in the center of the top of the display . It houses the range of phone cameras.

There are new colours, for starters. In addition to Space Black and Deep Purple which are new to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, silver and gold are also still available. The Silver Blue, Alpine Green, and Graphite colours from the iPhone 13 Pro aren’t any longer available.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple claims its 6-core CPU is in the 14 Pro Max. It uses the new A16 Bionic chip manufactured using 4nm technology, which is up to 40% faster than that of competitors. In addition. There is a 5-core GPU accelerator with 50% greater memory bandwidth.

As opposed to the 5nm process of its predecessor, the new chipset is built using a 4 nanometer process. Simply put, based on these specifications, you can anticipate that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will run faster and more powerfully than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, even though not by a significant amount.


iPhone 14 Pro Max

Expect significant improvements to the primary camera on the 14 Pro Max. Even although it has basically the same rear camera system as its predecessor. The 14 Pro Max will have wide, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses.

After years of using 12MP sensors, Apple switched to a 48MP main camera on the front of the 14 Pro Max. Apple believes that its new Photonic Engine technology will considerably improve the quality of low-light images taken with the 14 Pro Max. In addition to the updated sensor, which should help the device produce better photos.

The overall impact is powerful, and now there’s also a 2x optical zoom. Where the phone goes from the 3x sensor to provide you with a focal length between the 1x and 3x zoom lenses.

Battery life

The 14 Pro Max, according to Apple, has a battery life of one day. This amounts to 25 hours of recommended streaming video playback. Which is identical to the rating of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The amount of information displayed on the always-on screen can make a difference in this situation. You can choose to only show the clock, otherwise you can have a full wallpaper and widgets that “fade” in and out when you turn on the phone.