Netflix revealed the upcoming Swedish drama series Barracuda Queens, which is based on real-life incidents and follows a robbery of a gang of girls in an prosperous setting.

The show, starring Alva BrattTindra Monsen, Sandra Zubovic, Te StjärneSarah Gustafsson, and Izabella Scorupco, will premiere internationally on Netflix in 2023.

Barracuda Queens is a rich crime lady gang series based on actual occurrences. Barracuda Queens depicts a gang of young women who commit robberies in order to free themselves from the obligations placed on women before feminism became a common term.

The series paints a stark picture of a world in which some people get away with crime while other individuals don’t.

What is the release date of the show ‘Barracuda Queens’?

Barracuda Queens

The Swedish drama series ‘Barracuda Queens’ will be released on June 8, 2023, globally on Netflix.

What is the story of the show ‘Barracuda Queens’?

Barracuda Queens

It is the year 1995 and the start of the thrilling “girl empowerment” movement. Lollo, Klara, Frida, and Mia are a group of rich girls from Djursholm who nicknamed themselves “Barracuda Queens” because they used to party on Barracuda Beach.

Faced with an enormous party bill, the girls devise a risky plan to rob their new neighbor Amina’s house.

Events fail to unfold as planned, but Amina is more intrigued about joining the group than carrying out the accusations.

The sisters join an ever-expanding campaign of house-burglary against their irritating rich neighbors.

They are outstanding students and girls by day, but ruthless thieves by night, who pursue excitement, freedom, and revenge on men who have wronged them. And Nobody will ever suspect them.

Who will be part of the Cast in ‘Barracuda Queens’?

Barracuda Queens

Alva Bratt will play Lollo Millkvist

Tindra Monsen will play Klara Rapp

Sandra Zubovic will play Frida Rapp

Tea Stjärne will play Mia Thorstensson

Sarah Gustafsson will play Amina Khalil

Izabella Scorupco will play Margareta Millkvist

Carsten Björnlund will play Lars Millkvist

Max Ulveson will play Calle Millkvist

Johannes Kuhnke will play Claes Rapp

Mirja Turestedt will play Viveca Rapp

Michaela Thorsén will play Cecilia Thorstensson

Meliz Kargle will play Laila Khalil

Gino Estera will play Farshid Khalil

Christian Fandango Sundgren will play Tobias

Is there a trailer for ‘Barracuda Queens’?

Barracuda Queens

Unfortunately, there isn’t any trailer for the show as of now, however, sneak peek images have been released for the audience to get a better idea of ​​the show.