Is Call Me Chihiro coming out in February 2023? Let’s find out the details. Although thriller and horror films have all the time captured people’s curiosity, a shift of focus into more humorous categories is all the time recommended.

The Japanese motion picture industry has a long track record of producing groundbreaking animation and live action films that have captivated audiences all over the world. They call the genre “Slice of Life” and deliver a fun but heartbreaking concept with interesting characters.

Call Me Chihiro is however one of these films that will be released in the coming months and has lovers of lighter dramas happy.

Call Me Chihiro is inspired by Yasuda Hiroyuki Chihiro-san’s manga. The film is directed by Imaizumi Rikiya, a director who specialises in lighter themes and narratives, and stars Arimura Kasumi in the lead role.

While lovers of Japanese dramas and films anticipate the premiere of the movie, Read the article further, to know more about Call Me Chihiro.

What is the release date for “Call Me Chihiro”?

Call Me Chihiro
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“Call Me Chihiro” will be released quite soon on February 23, 2023. The Japanese drama film will be available solely on Netflix. The length of the film has been verified to be 131 minutes.

The primary roles in the movie ‘Call me Chihiro’ include:

Call Me Chihiro

Kasumi Arimura
Hana Toyoshima
Tetta Shimada
Lily Frank
Jun Fubuki
Mitsuru Hirata
Toshie Ngishi
Ryuya Wakaba
Yui Sakuma
Itsuki Nagasawa
Keiichi Suzuki

What is the Plot of the movie ‘Call me Chihiro’?

Call Me Chihiro

Chihiro was as * x worker in the past. One lovely day you stop in a beach town for a bento dinner. She was so pleased with the meal that she decided to relocate to the beach town and serve at the bento cafe.

At the bento shop, she now greets people with a smile and makes small chats with them. She does not even try to hide her story.

Chihiro talks to clients about diverse issues, and their interactions provide them with comfort.

Chihiro struggles with loneliness, which started with her parents when she was a child. By meeting her guests, she faces her loneliness and gradually overcomes it.

Knowing that we were dealing with a slice-of-life picture, we could expect the film to start on a happy note. Audiences can expect life lessons both entertaining and profound.

Is there a trailer for ‘Call me Chihiro’?

There absolutely is! Netflix dropped a trailer for the movie Call me Chihiro on December 12, 2022. Based on the trailer, the movie features Chihiro, an ex-prostitute who stops by a seaside cafe for a bento one day.

She was captivated by the taste of one of the biggest bentos in the area and chose to start her life by working in the bento store. Now she happily welcomes customers and delights them in engaging conversations, without any try to hide her story.