Double Cross Season 4 Is Coming Out In February 2023 Or Not? Come Discover the details.

Currently, the show “Double Cross” is making news about when it is going to be released. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss everything related to the show “Double Cross” in detail, including the release date, cast, plotline, and all other related updates.

On February 3, 2022, ALLBLK aired the first episode of the third season of Double Cross. We hope you all enjoyed the previous season and are eagerly awaiting the release date of Double Cross Season 4. You must even be interested by the latest news, launch date, cast, episodes, and speculations about Double Cross Season 4.

So, read this article till the end if you’re curious and want to know everything there’s to know about “Double Cross Season 4”.

Is Double Cross Season 4 coming out in February 2023?

    Double Cross Season 4
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Yes, Season 4 of the show “Double Cross” is all set to return to the screen in February 2023. The exact date when the show will be released is on February 16, 2023. Everyone is happy for Double Cross Season 4, and viewers of the ALLBLK web series cannot wait to see what happens in the upcoming season of this show.

The Cross brothers are also struggling as a result of the events of the previous season. They continue their mission to rid the world of the practice of kid smuggling by providing moral support and physical help to one another. This time, they will start from the top and work their way down. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this upcoming show for this particular reason.

Major Casts Return For Season 4

    Double Cross Season 4

The main cast who are all set to return for the upcoming season 4 of the show “Double Cross” includes the following:

1. Darrin Henson

2. Ashley A. Williams

3. Jeff Logan

4. Jasmine Burke

5. Tremayne Norris

6. Faith Malonte

Double Cross Season 3 Recap

    Double Cross Season 4

Detective Ryan’s daughter, whose name is Layla, has been taken hostage by Robin Cross. Eric Cross takes part in the search for her. The new doctor at Mercy Hospital, Tiffany Bradshaw, is determined to end Erica Cross’s life. Nurse Brian struggles with his mental state as his shadowy side becomes more prominent.

During their search for Layla, DeAndre assists Robin in her mission to make amends for her wrongdoing. In his search for the missing girl, Eric meets Keenya, a fantastic waitress who may have the missing parts. Layla comes up with a scheme to escape from the kidnapper.

Tanya and Officer Lopez collaborate in their search for information that brings them one step closer to finding Robin Cross. More than either of them could have imagined, Eric and Tiffany have gotten more intimate. In order to make sure his daughter’s safety, Detective Ryan plans to infiltrate the auction house.

Erica and Cintron are finding it difficult to maintain their new romantic interest in one another. Cintron and Erica’s marriage is on the verge of failure. While Robin secretly has the same intention, Eric and Erica go undercover in the mansion to look for Layla. The brothers make an incredible sacrifice for one another, which ends the cycle.

Double Cross Season 4 Plotline Expected

    Double Cross Season 4

A network that engages in human trafficking has gained control of their area, which includes the emergency room of the Dr. Erica hospital in addition to the streets that are monitored by “The Heights.” The Kingpin, Erica and Eric Cross, are on a mission to protect every woman in their area from the growing issue of sex trafficking in the country.

Her brother, a infamous drug dealer, and a compassionate and well-known emergency surgeon are both burdened by their past and make a decision to take matters into their own hands by carrying out their own brand of vigilante justice to bring things right. Therefore, the plot of the fourth season revolves around the same plan as the previous seasons.

Where Do You See a Double Cross?

On streaming services Amazon Prime and ALLBLKyou can watch all seasons of the TV show Double Cross.