When is Drops Of God Season 2 Coming? Apple TV+ offers a fantastic selection of TV shows, including comedies, dramas, and inspirational documentaries about the world’s greatest mysteries.

It has only recently begun to focus on a larger variety of series, as Netflix has done for many years. As a result, during the previous year, many new titles were released, including Slow horses, Separation, A Mythical Questand lots of others.

Additionally, a brand new suspense series titled “Drops Of God” has recently been released. Tadashi Agi is the creator of the Japanese manga that serves as the basis for the eight-part television series Drops of God.

Legendary Television, Dynamic Television, France Televisions, Adliine Entertainment, and Hulu Japan collaborated in the series, which was also produced by these companies.

Apple TV+, however, won over the fierce competition to air the world series on its streaming service.

The series has been made available to audiences worldwide in a number of languages, including English, French and Japanese.

Episodes of the series Drops of God have recently become available on Apple TV+ starting in April 2023.

Furthermore, since the first two episodes of the series were released, it has become very popular, sparking the interest of fans to learn more about the potential second season.

So, if you’re following this new series and are curious to know about its potential second season then this article is for you. Since everything related to the second season of “Drops Of God” will be discussed here in this article.

Drops Of God Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

Drops Of God Season 2

The first season of Drops of God debuted on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023. On April 21, the day of the season’s debut, the first two episodes of Drops Of God Season 1 became available back-to-back.

The first season includes eight episodes with a runtime of one hour each with the eighth and final episode airing on June 2, 2023. As for the outlook for the second season, here’s what that we know so far.

The future of the series has not yet been officially announced by Apple TV+.

However, considering the popularity of the show, Apple TV + can consider the approval of the second season, specially if the viewers of the first season was enough amongst other essential conditions. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘Drops Of God’ season 2 to air sometime in 2024.

What is the Plotline of Drops of God?

Drops Of God Season 2

The plot of Drops of God is based on the same premise as the manga it was adapted from; the only difference is that some of the characters have been changed.

The action of the story takes place in the world of high-end wine and gourmet food, where people are mourning the loss of a famous French oenologist named Alexandre Leger, who recently died at his residence in Tokyo. He leaves a sizeable wine collection and his financial status to his daughter Camille.

Since more than ten years ago, Camille, who lives in Paris, has never met her father. She discovers that fortune is not hers until she competes with her father’s “spiritual son” and protégé, Issei, in a wine tasting contest when she travels to Tokyo to read Leger’s last will and testament.

The only problem is that Camille knows nothing about wine and has never had a drink of the therapeutic elixir that her father dedicated his life to discovering and refining.

Can You Watch God’s Drops Series Without Apple TV+?

Drops Of God Season 2

No, Drops of God will only be available on the streaming service as it is basically an Apple TV+ original series. The streaming service is simply accessible by subscription.

You can join for a 7-day free trial of the service; after that, it will cost you $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

If you have already got an Apple TV subscription, already own an Apple device, or plan to buy one in the near future, the streaming app is provided to you freed from charge for the first three months of use.

More About God’s Drops Series

Drops Of God Season 2

Production on Drops of God, an adaptation of the eponymous manga series written by Tadashi Agi, was scheduled to begin on Apple TV+ in August 2021, according to a recent announcement.

Quoc Dang Tran is the creator and writer of the drama series, while Oded Ruskin is the director. The French drama series Call My Agent, Marianne, and the first French series on Disney+, Paralleles, have all been written by Tran in the past.

In addition, Ruskin has directed a number of popular streaming series, including Absence on Prime Video and Sunday Art on Hulu.

Drops of God is produced by Klaus Zimmermann, who also worked on the films Trapped and Borgia.