When is Ghosted 2 coming? Well, “Ghosted” is a romantic comedy movie that was produced by Apple TV+ and stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas as the leader, Cole and Sadie, respectively.

Cole has a horrible history with women, and his neediness has been cited as the reason for his relationship failure.

Because Sadie travels repeatedly for work, she wants a committed relationship that can endure the distance.

Sadie and Cole hit it off on their first day together, but when Cole texts her to follow up, she never responds to his messages.

She is surprised when Cole learns that she is in London, but he’s shocked to realize that she is not who she said she was.

The action-adventure film is directed by Dexter Fletcherand as the plot changes, Cole and Sadie are forced to face their own anxieties before they can admit their genuine affection for one another.

If you love the movie and want to know if there’s a possibility of a sequel, then you have come to the right place. Since everything related to Ghosted 2 will be covered here in this article including the release date, cast, plotline, and, all other related updates.

What is Ghosted About?

Ghosted 2
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When Cole first meets the mysterious Sadie and the two of them go out on a date together, he instantly finds himself deeply in love with her.

He goes to London to see if she still has feelings for him after she starts opening up to him over text, however.

As soon as it becomes clear to Cole that Sadie is, in fact, an undercover operative, he and Sadie instantly embark on a mission to save the world that takes them across several countries.

Here’s everything we currently know about Ghosted 2, since your curiosity has been piqued.

Ghosted 2 Renewed or Canceled?

Ghosted 2

The television movie “Ghosted” was released on Apple TV + on April 21, 2023. The movie was met with mixed reviews from critics, with the primary complaint being that there was not enough balance between romantic elements and action.

However, the success of the film at the box office will determine whether there will be a sequel or not. The star power of Evans and de Armas means that “Ghosted” already has a robust fan base.

The streaming service generally waits a few month after the first release of the film before evaluating the reception and determining whether or not it would be beneficial to produce a sequel.

Apple TV+ has yet to make a formal statement about the sequel. On the other hand, even if “Ghosted 2” is approved by Apple TV+, we anticipate that the film won’t be released before the first half of 2025 or later.

What To Expect From Ghosted 2?

Ghosted 2

The first film ends with Cole and Sadie starting a relationship and working hard to make it work despite the undeniable fact that they live very different lives. It marks the start of a brand new era in each of their lives.

The sequel could focus on that. Although Cole is aware that Sadie is CIA, there are still many facts about her that he doesn’t know about.

Her previous relationships and the missions she completed for the agency are very briefly elaborated in the film.

When she is concentrating on the mission, Cole is surprised to find that she can be cold and heartless. There must be some dark secrets lurking in her closet for a lady of her caliber.

The next sequel may provide more insight into all that. The dark side of Sadie’s job and the potential trouble in paradise may be harder for Cole to embrace in light of this news.

The movie could go past the opening sequence and delve deeper into Cole and Sadie’s relationship in its sequel.

Cole’s return to Sadie’s job should even be incorporated in some way into the film. Also, the cameos are something the sequel will need to focus on improving.

Also, in the movie “Ghosted”, there are a number of memorable cameo appearances that occur at the most inappropriate moments. In the second film, viewers anticipate an analogous surprise.

Is The Ghosted Movie Based On A True Story?

Ghosted 2

No, the plot of the movie ‘Ghosted’ is not inspired by any real life event. Paul Wernick and Rhett Reesewhich is best known for the pen of the “Deadpool” films, first proposed the original story that serves as its basis.

The thrilling, funny and romantic script was also written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers.

It was presented to Chris Evans, the film’s producer, who thought it was an amazing concept because it gave him an opportunity to break out of his typical action movie role and try something different.

With Dexter Fletcher as the director, the script went through a few changes. Therefore, “Ghosted” is a work of fiction. The creators of the film, however, made an effort to maintain the emotional depth and realism of the story.