Hellbound will return for Season 2; was announced. The South Korean series, which will make its debut on Netflix in September 2021, depicts the story of otherworldly beings that manifest in spectacular ways to send victims to Hell.

Although the show was popular with viewers, Netflix didn’t formally announce its renewal until the TUDUM fan event.

The news was made through a video teaser of the 2nd season. Adapted from the well-known South Korean webtoon Hell, Hellbound is South Korean Netflix Original horror series created and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho.

What can we anticipate from Hellbound Season 2?

Hellbound Season 2
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The ashes and bones of Park Jung Ja came together at the end of the first season. They caused the resurrection of the lady, a startling discovery that would change the course of history permanently.

Song So Hyun’s baby, despite being given a decree, lived when his parents gave themselves up to save their newborn son, thus hatching the concept of the New Truth in the eyes of several eyewitnesses.

When others affected by the decrees begin to come back to life, like Park Jung Ja, even more concerns about the New Truth will be raised.

When the world tries to make sense of the activities of “God”, the New Truth and the New Arrow will likely cause a catastrophic breakdown of society by persuading the people that everybody who has received decrees is a sinner

Who plays what role in Hellbound Season 2?

Hellbound Season 2
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Yoo Ah Soo was initially scheduled to reprise his role as Jung Jinsu for the second season of Hellbound. However, he was replaced because of a police investigation in South Korea with regard to his suspected use of illicit drugs.

A test for marijuana and propofol was positive because of the police inquiry. The use violates the Narcotics Control Act of South Korea of ​​such drugs.

Yoo Ahn Soo’s hair also tested positive for drugs, including cocaine and ketamine. Actor Kim Sung Cheol replaced Yoo Ah Soo as Jung Jinsu.

When can we anticipate Hellbound season 2 on Netflix?

Hellbound season 2

Although there aren’t any clues as to what Season 2 will entail, the conclusion of Season 1 offers a solid concept of the way of the horror series. In the final minutes of the season, the camera focuses on the remains of Park Jeong-scorched JA (Kim Shin-rok).

She died earlier in the season, and the New Truth Society broadcast her passing to scare others into supporting their cause. However, unexpectedly she came to life after appearing dead and in excellent condition.

It’s an interesting development as it implies that the death of a monster may not be as final as once thought. There may be a method to bring the dead back to life, giving humanity hope to help stop these horrific tragedies.

The first season concentrated mainly on how people responded to the new danger.