The highly anticipated Lookism series has been postponed because of the Halloween deaths in South Korea. Regarding the 150 people who lost their lives during Halloween. Netflix decided to pay respect to the victims by postponing the release date of the series.

Earlier the release date was 4 November 2022. However, Netflix has not announced any new release date as of now. Netflix also tweeted the same through its Twitter account, “We will be postponing the release date for Lookism from its original date of November 4th. We will update you with our new release date soon”.

More About Lookism


Lookism is based on the famous 2014 animated series Lookism which was written by Park Tae-jun. The story is a few boy named Park Hyung Seok who was suffering from obesity and was bullied every day at school.

He decides to change his school. One day he unexpectedly woke up as a changed person! He became more lean, handsome, and tall which surprised him. Later he found out that he has two bodies one that he can use during the day and another at night. While one body is using the other sleeps.

After that he quickly realizes that people started to appreciate him. Unlike before, now he’s admired by the entire school. He achieves all his dreams in his new body such as becoming a model, working in an entertainment company, and becoming a social media sensation.

All his dreams come true one by one but nothing is permanent in this world. The same happened and one day he unexpectedly lost his new body and returned to his original body leaving all his dreams and desires broken.

What lies before him must be revealed. How will he face the world now? Will the reality of him having two bodies be revealed? You’ll find out all about it in the upcoming Netflix Series Lookism.