Monarca Season 3 Updates: The end of the second season of “Monarca” left the way open for the realization of the third installment.
The second season of “Monarca”, a series created and produced by Diego Gutiérrez, was released only on Friday, January 1, 2021, from Netflixbut users of the streaming platform are already asking about the third part of the fiction that has Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal, Rosa María Bianchi, and Irene Azuela.

Out of 10 episodes, the first season tells the story of the Carranza family and how they support their business company through force and corruption. At the start of the series, Ana María, daughter of patriarch Carranza, returns home after 20 years away from Mexico, to take the reins of a tequila, hotel, and construction empire steeped in secrets. , one darker than the other.

In the second season of eight episodes, the Carranza brothers unite despite their differences to confront their cousin Sofía, who joins the company with the intention of dismantling it to avenge her father. Will there be a third season?

What happened in Season 2?

Monarca Season 3 Details

Netflix has not yet announced any announcement about the future of the Mexican series, but apparently, in the last episode, it’s likely that the drama of the Carranza family will continue in the third part.

In the last episode, Sofía takes revenge on Ana María when Martin publicly declares that his ex-wife ordered him kidnapped to stop the publication of a book with all his family secrets, a book that finally comes out in light

Meanwhile, after assuming the presidency of the family business, Joaquín internes his mother in a nursing home, not knowing that he’s condemning her to death: haunted by the ghosts of the past, Cecilia leaves herself falls from the hospital.

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For his part, Andrés, after losing the presidency of Monarca, leaves Jonás in the hands of his brother, whom the Dog finally kills for threatening the company with a sexual harassment complaint.

Finally, Ana María and José Andrés receive the DNA results that confirm that Joaquín is not Agustín Carranza’s son, so they plan to take everything from his older brother.

Will we get Monarca Season 3?

For now, we just must wait for the response from Netflix, a service that normally takes at least six weeks to evaluate the reaction of its audience. If the third season of “Monarca” is confirmed, it will likely focus on the new dynamic between the Carranza brothers as Joaquín discovers the reality about his parents.

What will occur to Ana María after being implicated in the kidnapping of her husband? Will DNA testing turn the tide for Monarch? Does Cecilia survive the fall or is she really dead? These are some of the questions that the third season wants to answer.

When will we have Monarca Season 3 Release Date?

If Netflix renews “Monarch” for a third season, it’s likely that the new episodes will air in early 2022.