The series Turn Of The Tide Season 2 has already been renewed by Netflix.

Is Turn Of The Tide Renewed For Season 2? Also, Netflix’s Portuguese crime drama series, ‘Turn of the Tide,’ takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the tumultuous lives of the residents of Rabo de Peixe, a small island where misfortune seems to is the norm.

The protagonist, Eduardo, finds himself trapped in a cycle of bad luck despite his academic prowess. Forced to abandon his education to help his sick father on the boat, Eduardo’s dreams of immigrating to America are thwarted by his failure to graduate.

With his father’s health deteriorating and financial desperation mounting, Eduardo’s fortunes take an unforeseen turn when a boatload of cocaine washes up on the island’s shores. This new opportunity allows him to earn extra money than he ever thought possible.

Created by the talented Augusto Fraga, the series sheds light on the struggles faced by young individuals who wish to break free from their miserable existence. The first season of ‘Turn of the Tide’ was an enormous success, leaving fans keen to discover the destiny of their favourite characters in a potential second season.

If you are as curious as they’re, you have come to the right place, as this article will go into all the details about the highly anticipated second season of ‘Turn of the Tide.’

Netflix’s Turn Of The Tide Renewed For Season 2?

Turn Of The Tide Season 2
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Yes, the series Turn Of The Tide Season 2 has already been renewed by Netflix. The show’s renewal announcement comes as a lovely surprise, coming less than a month after its Netflix debut.

This quick decision indicates the streaming giant’s confidence in the show’s potential for fulfillment.

While it isn’t unusual for shows to receive early renewal orders, the news being made public at this stage adds to the joy.

Augusto Fraga, the creator of the show, expressed his heartfelt gratitude and great excitement upon hearing about the second season.

Fraga also assured fans that the upcoming season will provide an exhilarating and unforeseen continuation of Eduardo’s story, which will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Fraga was also pleased with the show’s recognition in Portugal, highlighting its significant impact beyond the country’s borders, bringing Portuguese talent to screens all over the world.

Thus, with this renewal, fans can eagerly anticipate another thrilling chapter in this fascinating series.

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Expected Release Date

Turn Of The Tide Season 2

The creators of the highly anticipated series “Turn Of The Tide” have kept fans on the edge of their seats with regard to its exact release date. While they didn’t reveal the precise date, it’s widely speculated that the show will make its debut sometime in 2024.

The secrecy surrounding the release date has only added to the curiosity and excitement amongst keen viewers. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of this intriguing series, they can anticipate an immersive and fascinating storyline that will transport them to a world of suspense and intrigue.

So, with its anticipated release in 2024, “Turn Of The Tide” promises to be a must-see series that will keep audiences anticipating its arrival.

Recap Of The Woman’s Turn

Turn Of The Tide Season 2

The first season of the series “Turn Of The Tide” begins with a priest on a small island coughing up blood, followed by a boy who informs Eduardo about the incident involving the pastor while Eduardo and his friends are packing the cocaine.

The scene then changes to Eduardo and his friends who are sending him on a boat while they’re fishing.

The audience is introduced to Silvia, who dances while under the influence of drugs. Silvia then gets into a fight while filling out a form, and Eduardo takes his father to a doctor after his fishing shift is over. Eduardo meets the hospital receptionist, and Silvia runs away from a contest.

As the series progresses, Eduardo’s past is revealed, including the loss of his mother and the blindness of his father. One day, Eduardo and his friends come across several packages of cocaine.

This meeting changes their destiny, and provides them with a chance to escape from their reality and follow their dreams.

Despite initial reservations, Eduardo’s friends decide to join him in this venture. However, their lives take another turn when Silvia accidentally hits the Italian mafia with her car. Eduardo makes the decision to eliminate the body in the ocean.

Unexpectedly, Silvia’s father, who wants control over the drug business, assumes the persona of a saint and seizes the chance presented by his daughter’s cocaine overdose to fulfill his own aspirations.

In an act of cold blood, Arruda, Sylvia’s father, kills Rafael, Sylvia’s boyfriend, after learning the location of the hidden drug belonging to Eduardo and his friends. Sylvia collaborates with Eduardo to recover the drugs stolen from her father.

The season concludes with Sylvia threatening her father with guns, as he threatens to end Eduardo’s life. The confrontation results in Eduardo killing Sylvia’s father, but a surprising twist reveals that he survived.