‘Obsession,’ an erotic thriller series produced by Netflix and adapted from the novel ‘Damage’ by Josephine Hart, follows the story of William Farrow, a famous English surgeon who crosses paths with Anna Barton, the girlfriend of his son Jay. Despite the undeniable fact that Anna is engaged to marry William’s son, the two of them begin a really secretive love affair.

The relationship between them strengthens during the series, which in turn causes disruption in the lives of William’s members of the family, particularly Jay. Both critics and viewers gave the show positive reviews, praising its highly erotic plot and the performances of Charlie Murphy and Richard Armitage. In addition, the erotic drama was released in April 2023.

The first season of the show concludes with a number of unanswered questions, leaving viewers to speculate whether a second season of the show will be produced. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss everything related to the potential second season of the Netflix series Obsession.

Netflix Obsession Renewed For Season 2?

Obsession Season 2

Obsession was released in its entirety on Netflix on April 13, 2023. The first season consisted of four episodes, each of which had a runtime of between 33 and 43 minutes. Here’s what we know so far about the prospects for season two.

The first season of the series faithfully recounts the events of the inspiration for the series, the novel “Damage” by Josephine Hart, showing the satisfaction of the writers with the four episodes. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the sensual drama will be renewed for a second season.

Having said that, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’ll be impossible to get through to the second round. Shows like “Big Little Lies” and “The Sinner” were meant to run for one season, but ended up becoming multi-season hit franchises. The success of a limited series can change its course, as can be seen from the instances of these shows.

The renewal of the series may not be impossible if the viewers of the first season exceed the predictions of the streaming service, together with a number of other considerations. There is enough space left after the first season of the sexual drama to produce a second. As a result, we may not have the ability to blame fans for anticipating the continuation of the series with additional episodes.

Expected Release Date For Netflix Obsession

Obsession Season 2

After Jay’s untimely death, the first season comes to an end, with William and Anna deciding to go their separate ways. Anna explains that she cannot share her life with William because of the pain caused by the loss of her son, even although William has told her that he wants to be in a relationship with her. She decides to end her relationship with William in anticipation of writing a new page in her life story.

She starts working with a therapist with whom she has some chemistry as a first step. A potential second season of the show could focus on Anna’s complex connection with the therapist in light of her destructive tendencies. William can even make every effort to arrange a meeting with Anna.

In order to pursue a brand new, self-contained plotline in “Obsession’s” second season, Netflix could potentially consider making the show into an anthology series. If so, the second year round can continue with another story of desire and forbidden desires while examining its effects.

Due to the popularity of erotic TV episodes and films on the streaming service, Netflix may consider turning ‘Obsession’ into a franchise or anthology series, starting with a second season. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘Obsession’ season 2 to air sometime in the first quarter of 2025.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Obsession Season 2?

Obsession Season 2

If there were to be a Season 2 of Obsession, we would definitely hope to see Richard Armitage reprise his role as William and Charlie Murphy continue in her role as Anna. Although Indira Varma’s character, Ingrid, says she never wants to see William again, we’d absolutely have an interest in seeing her again—possibly in a moment with Anna.

Rish Shah, who played the character Jay and died at the end of the series, is among the cast members who is not expected to return after his tragic death. However, there may be room for some flashback moments. You can watch the first season of the Netflix series Obsession entirely on Netflix.