Attention fans! The Outer Banks will finally be back for season 3. Season 2 finished on a painful but happy note for the Pogues, with an enormous reveal about John B’s father that left us wanting more.

Right after the stress of the season 2 finale, more episodes are now on the way. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Outer Banks season 3 on Netflix.

What are the Outer Banks?

Outer Banks Season 3

The Pogues aren’t any stranger to treasure hunting, however, in Outer Banks Season 3, the search for Royal Merchant money becomes a serious matter of life and death when they come into contact with a cruel Caribbean don.

The 3rd season opens with the main cast and newcomer Cleo washing up on a abandoned island named Poguelandia by JJ, but their charming escape ends prematurely when they find out how many enemies they’ve created in the previous months.

Broken and far from home, the group must take extraordinary measures to escape and return to the Outer Banks, but they haven’t any idea what new risks and life-changing discoveries await them.

But there’s not only bad news for the Pogues. In season 3 of Outer Banks, John B reunites with his father, Big John, who he had assumed was dead for the past year.

Big John was discovered to still be alive at the end of Series 2, but despite his near-death encounter, he’s now more motivated than ever to find wealth.

Of course, the Outer Banks would not be complete without a little romantic tension. John B. and Sarah Cameron’s romance is put to the test for the first time in Season 3, while JJ and Kiara try to waltz around their affections and Pope puts his heart on the line again.

Is there a Trailer for Outer Banks season 3?

All Outer Banks fans will be happy to know that Banks released the season 3 teaser on February 2nd.

There appears to be a lot to understand in the 2 minute footage, from a mention of El Dorado, where the Pogues appear to be going, to a long awaited meeting between John B. and his father.

What will be the release date for Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3

Netflix confirmed on January 3 that Outer Banks Season 3 would be released on February 23, 2023. An interesting fact about this is, Madelyn Cline, who portrays Sarah Cameron, accidentally revealed this date on a chat show with Young Hollywood last year.

We are super duper excited for the return of the Pogues which will be back in only a few weeks!

Recap for Outer Banks Season 2?

Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks Season 2 concluded with a terrifying encounter for the Pogues that risked them losing their lives. Most of the second season of the Netflix series featured John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiara, and Pope as they try to find and save the missing Santo Domingo Cross.

In the season finale, the group discreetly boarded the Coastal Venture and attempted to cross the Atlantic. After a wild life-threatening situation, they were forced to flee and save themselves in a lifeboat.

Although the Pogues left empty-handed again, the episode ended on a happy note as they rejoiced that they were all together and safe for now.

Who will be in the cast of Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks Season 3

The entire main cast of Outer Banks returns for Season 3, including:

Chase Stokes like John B

Jonathan Davis as Pope
Rudy Pankow will return as JJ
Madelyn Cline will reprise her role as Sarah Cameron
Madison Bailey will return as Kiara
Drew Starkey will reprise as Rafe
Charles Esten will return as Ward
Austin North will resume as Topper
Carlacia Grant will return as Cleo

Other additions to Outer Banks Season 3 include

Charles Halford as Big John;
Andy McQueen as the villain Carlos Singh,
Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Ryan